Saturday, December 15, 2012

Here I Sit So Broken Hearted

        The incident that happened yesterday at the elementary school totally blew me away. My mind is still trying to fathom what was going through this kids head?  These poor innocent children and family's....My heart aches for them. Having lost a child, I can somewhat imagine the grief they are going through...but to lose a child because of some senseless act from a sick individual ? That...I cannot imagine. These peoples lives must be in ultimate disaster.

        If we only knew WHY. I know that question is going through every ones minds. But lets say we did know the answer...what good would become of it? No matter what reason he would give for doing this unspeakable act of terror, we would still think the same of him. There is no reason he could give us that we would accept. Obviously the kid was mentally sick...and even that is not a good reason for murder. Actually ...deep down...when we want to know why...we are really just wishing for something that isn't there. We only wish it never happened in the first place.

        Gun control? I am a gun owner...but I cant help but think if better gun control would help prevent some of these senseless acts. at first thought I say no...but what other choice do we have to at least try and prevent it? Guards at every school in America? pyhcological  testing for everyone to try and pin point those with a few loose marbles? There is no easy answer...but we must do something and gun control seems like the easiest choice.

        As my heart aches for these familys...I just wish there was something we could do for them or say to them that would ease some of their pain. But I know there isnt. Grieving is a process...I never really understood that statement but having gone through it...I know its true.
These familys must grieve their own way and in their own time. Everyone is different in each. I just hope they know that America is also grieving with them and praying for them. Our hearts will be heavy with this one for a long time.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The DJ Project

It been two weeks and still do not have a job. I was offered a position at GM as a supervisor but it is contract work. I would like to find something more permanent than that. I don't know...I mean I could take this position until something better comes along. But at this stage in the "Get a Job "game, I keep thinking about doing something different other than manufacturing. I have thought about the US postal service. Or maybe retail or something. I just have this dream of learning something new and loving it. I would really like to travel but I don't think Kim would be into that very much. I enjoy traveling so if that was part of my job, I think I would really dig that.

Starting my own business I think would be fun also. I have always wanted a restaurant, Bar and Grill type, where I could eat grilled steak and asparagus everyday. But that too comes with a lot of headaches. This is a time where I can start over and actually do something I enjoy doing. If I could only find a stick carving that would be cool. I could showcase my creativity and art skills. How come it seems like the cool jobs just don't pay that much? I wonder if Neilson pays anyone to watch TV...I think I could do that too. (I mean...they wouldn't know if I fell asleep or not...right?)

Sitting home these last two weeks makes me think I could also be an animal trainer. Lil Tanner now is going pee pee in the pee room so I must be doing something right. We are still working on the shoe eating and the jumping like a mad dog when I come into the room. Hopefully we can cure him of this before I find my dream ...I mean.. good job....I mean... any job. Wait....I think I may have thought of it...."Good Morning and Welcome to Walmart". I could do this...stand and just greet customers all day long and read their faces as they think to themselves "shut the hell up and leave me alone." How fun would that be? Hmm..maybe not. But I'm sure something will come along that will interest me.
I am keeping the faith that God has a plan for me and will provide me a suitable job. I have been praying for one of these:
Beer or wine taster
Ice Creme taster
Rock Star tutor
Theoretical physicist
Maybe a professional Dreamer...I would be so good at that too !!  :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Going In A Different Direction

"The owners are going in a different direct, and I'm afraid we are going to have to let you go."
That's how they said it.
Immediately I felt this burden lifted from my shoulders.
I also felt saddened because of the friendships that you acquire after almost 30 years on the job.
Its one thing getting paid to do a job but the special friendships that you gain far outweigh any amount of money you receive.
I had envisioned this moment in my head on how it would go and what I would say. and it was pretty much what I had envisioned. I just smiled and said OK, shook their hands  and said :sorry it didn't work out" and left to gather my things.
My job was becoming unbearable due to the new owners that we had. Bankers who pretend to know how to run a manufacturing business. I am always open to new ideas and processes that make sense and will help the company be more successful. But what I am not in favor of is treating people unfairly.They really don't care about that and it really was getting to me. If they like re in. But if they don't (which is where I was) they will make sure you are not there long. And I say this without a trace of hatred in my blood. Its just a fact... I have seen it first hand with how they treat and talk about some other people. Its just sad....sad that they cant deal with problems upfront and honestly which is my approach to things. (maybe to a fault)
So although I am unemployed as of this moment...I really have not been happier in a long time. No more stress, and I can now look for a new job that appreciates people. I have until the end of the year and whatever God has in store for me, I will wrap my arms around it and run with it.

When I look at all was really meant to be. Everyday I was praying about it and God answered it. He did what was best for ME. I leave knowing that I helped build this company to what it is today. I know I leave my own legacy there and I have to say, I'm proud of that.

Now, the whole job hunting thing is somewhat depressing but I do have some wonderful people also looking for me and I do have some opportunities that I may be able to benefit from. I would prefer not to travel 1 hr to go to work but if that's what it takes to finish out my career...than a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. !!

Any how, that's whats been going on in my life as of late.  I know not very exciting right?  But good times to come I'm sure.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Life In A Nutshell

          I remember playing hide and seek, kick the can and a bunch of other kid games at their house while they played cards with my mom and dad. They had a pool table (which was way cool back then) that we would watch them play on and we ourselves played on it when they were not watching. They always had good food to eat and would make sure that we never left hungry. (Shirley was a great cook)
I am writing about my Uncle Max and Aunt Shirley.

       This couple was a perfect match for each other, Shirley was the caregiver and ruler of the roost while Max was the provider and the jester of the house.(at least that's how I saw it) They owned a family Excavating business and now the kids are still running that business today.

        I could write tons of things about each one of them, however the main reason I chose to write about them is because of the strong family they have built.They are a perfect example of the way we should cultivate our children and leave them with our legacy. With Lots of Love and togetherness no matter what life throws at us.
       Aunt Shirley past away a couple years ago from cancer. Her children raise money each year for the Relay for Life events. Did I say "her children"? What I mean to say is ...her entire family...including nephews, nieces, grand children and even great grand children...every one seems to participate in some form or another. But the point is ...they do things together as a family. I love that !!!
      They hosted a bowling fundraiser last night and being the bowling freak that I am...I jumped at the chance to participate. And as you can imagine, the whole family was there. There were my cousins whom I only see (If I'm lucky) once or twice a year, and their kids and yes, even their children's kids, some of which I have never seen before. I was a little overwhelmed with the feeling of Love that was in the air this night. They were there not to just raise money for a great cause, but more so for the love they have for their family. All of which started with Uncle Max and Aunt Shirley. Its just a great example of what takes place when you start with Love and Laughter in your own home. Its contagious and spreads to your children and your children's children.
 Is their anything else that a couple can do to ensure that their children are equipped with the tools necessary to be successful in life? To me, if you can teach them to Love and Laugh, the rest of the things that happen in life will all be taken care of through those two things. And as we grow older we can see the evidence of that. Love conquers all !!!!

It was really great to spend some time with Uncle Max, and even though his health has caused him to lose some things such as his eyesight and memory....there was still evidence of the love and humor that I have always adored in him. And it started right off the bat.

Me: Hi Max
Max: Who are you?
Me: This is Ian
Max: Its been so long since Ive seen you....I cant see you.

Oh how I love this man !!!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Say Hello to My Lil Friend

His name is Tanner.

It all started a few weeks ago when my wife started showing me pictures of dogs that needed homes from the shelter here in Lapeer. I was shown pictures of a few dogs for a couple weeks straight. Each time I had to remind her that we already had 2 dogs, 4 cats and a bird to take care of. She gave me the puppy eyes and then finally agreed with me and we got through each one of those" I think I want another dog" moments. Well...until the next week when she actually wanted to go to the shelter and donate some money to them. I agreed thinking that this might help her get over wanting another pooch. Oh how I was wrong....we ended up seeing this hound puppy that she loved at first sight (like all of them). We went home after donating money to the shelter and looked up what type of hound it was and found out that the dog would have been a bigger dog than what we she really was looking for. Whew.... that was a close one. She almost had me there.

The following week I noticed a difference in my wife's demeanor. She was acting sad and miserable and looked like she lost her best friend. (I am excluding myself in the best friend stature as I was there the whole time) But I just knew something was different with her.. What was the real giveaway was when she said to me "I just feel a void". Ummm a void?  Cant you just buy a kit kat bar?

The next week I saw this text that she had sent to my daughter that had a picture of this cutest puppy that I had she has ever seen and claimed that his named was Tanner and she was getting it. So basically when it came to my decision (which is final on these types of purchases) I now had to convince my wife and my daughter that we really didn't need the cutest little puppy ever in the whole wide world to live with us. Well....I obviously lost this argument and the next thing I knew we were picking him up on Sunday in Grand Rapids.
Now ...hind sight....I was soooooo played on this one. Its like she worked me until I finally caved in and said yes. And I am so happy she did. This lil guy has been such a good puppy and has brought such happiness to our already happy home.

New Puppy ...$50
Seeing my wife smile again....Priceless
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Old Willow

             I love visiting my dads house. Its one of my favorite things to do. I only live 10 miles from him so that's a bonus too. Its not just that I love my dad and my brother and his family, and its not just because they feed me whenever I go out there (well not totally the reason) But there is something about going to the house that you grew up in that makes you feel like a kid again. The memories are still there and I get joy out of knowing that my brothers children (4 sister in law just gave birth to my nephew Austin a few weeks back.)  are now enjoying many of the things that I enjoyed when I was growing up. The country roads, the swamp, the deer, and the many other blessings that come from growing up in the country.

             I was visiting the other day, when I noticed the old willow that has been there ever since my dad planted it. I was only a small child and I remember seeing this tree in many pictures of us kids, standing as stout as a tree can. We would do our best to abuse this tree, climbing it, swinging on its dangling branches, shooting BBs in name it we probably did it to this tree, and yet it still stands tall today. (Thank God willows are hearty and durable)

            It reminded me a lot of human life. It now has the blemishes of being old, the knots that once made it strong from the inside are now showing themselves through the old bark and it droops a little more than it used to. :) (I told you...a lot like human life)
To me...There is nothing better than a big old tree. To see the massiveness of a extremely large tree makes me think of the many decades that it has endured to make it thus far in life. I think the same thing when I see elderly persons. When I see wrinkles and blemishes on the elderly, I think of the many years they have also endured. I think of the many fascinating things that they must have seen in their lifetime. A lot like the old willow. It has saw many things and it still has more to see. The only thing that can destroy it is man and mother nature. One thing on my bucket list is to see the redwood trees. They fascinate me. Once you understand what it has went through during its have a higher appreciation for them. And once you have the appreciation for them its hard to imagine your life without them. I for one, cant imagine my life with out the Old Willow.

 I hope you have an "Old Willow" in your life.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Luck Be A Blessing

I was traveling home one evening when I saw this house that had everything that used to be in it thrown in a huge pile by the side of the road. I was shocked by the mere size of this pile of stuff.
My thoughts quickly went from "look at all that stuff" to I wonder what he did that his wife would throw all his stuff out like that" :) But then I realised that it wasn't all "his" was everything. It looked like they were being evicted or was foreclosed on their home. Either way...I felt so sorry for this whomever it was having this done to them. Being homeless has to just SUCK. I wish I knew exactly what had happened or who it was so I could offer help.

I also saw the show "What Would You Do" the other night. They took a homeless (actor) person and had a woman take them into a restaurant / bar and sat them down at the bar along next to some other individuals and gave them twenty dollars to get something to eat. The bartender (also a actor) was to not serve him, ridicule him a bit and then take the twenty dollars from him and tell him he had to leave. I was shocked by the responses from the people sitting close by. Most was a good shock feeling. There was a couple of prudy ladies who said that he stunk and wanted him removed from the place. But most were defending him and was getting very hostile towards the bartender who was asking him to leave. One was even going to call the police. But the one that brought me to tears was this very older gentlemen. He was the one who gave the guy some money even before he even entered the restaurant. He defended this homeless actor right from the get-go. I was so impressed with this man I wanted to hug him. He was polite to the bartender while he was explaining to him how he too had been down on his luck before and needed help. And paying it forward is a good thing to do. (I'm telling ya... this guy is my idol) He even said that "if that mans (referring to the homeless actor) money wasn't good enough here than his wasn't either".

We have all been down on our luck before at sometime in our life....and just knowing that there is so many people out there that understand this very inspiring to me. Most of us have family or friends that would pick us up if we were ever down on our luck. But there are people out there that have no one. No Friends in high family around that could or would even help them. They are alone. Alone.... to survive on their own. Celebrate their Birthday alone...Christmas alone ....everything is done alone. To climb out of this hole that they are in (whether it is self inflicted or not)  is a monumental task. A minimum paying job (although a start) is not going to get them a house in the near future. They will still spend some of their nights alone and hungry at times.

I am thankful for the friends and family that I do have. Not because I know that they would lend their money to me to help me....but mainly because I would be alone with out them And although being homeless would suck....not having Friends and Family would SUCK even worse.

May your troubles be less and your blessings be more.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

You Have My Support

You may not know that Kim and I host a Lupus support group here in Lapeer Michigan.
A friend of ours started the group the year after Timbers passing. She works in the ER at the hospital and had saw Timberly multiple times when we took her in. But needless to say her schedule is very hectic and she also now has a new grand baby to take up all her extra time. So she basically has left the group up to Kim and I to run.

We have been doing it on our own for over a year now and at first we were a little scared that we would not be able to offer much to the group. We meet on the second Tuesday of every month and I really wish it was more often. Its not that I enjoy spending my Tuesday nights away from my TV...(you know I hate that part of it) but I really enjoy the friendship we have gained with the people that come.
There is currently 3 people with lupus that come and one the group members husband comes to also support her. So its a very small group, but that is really another reason why I love it so much. The meetings are so heartfelt and personal...I love that fact. There is a gentleman by the name of Aaron who is a member of the group and the story of his battle with multiple...and I mean multiple struggles is just amazing. I mean...I seriously don't think I could cope with what he has went through...and still does go through. This guy is a true warrior and has to live with the pain and suffering that Lupus can bring. I just find people like that amazing, and an inspiration.

Karen and her husband Mike also come and she was recently diagnosed so she is learning a lot from the group. But this woman had to quit her bus driving job because she was in so much pain to drive for any period of time. She has always been a active person and is learning very quickly that she has to listen to her body and not her mind when it comes to doing activities. She too struggles with joint pain and has now started to have problems with her kidneys (I hate that sign) because lupus many times moves to the organs and that's when the life threatening problems arise. She has truly been a blessing to the group to share her battle stories as she begins her life with lupus. And the fact that her husband comes to meetings with her every month, shows that she has a wonderful man by her side.
That is so important to someone with this or any disease. She is truly blessed and so are we to have them in the group.

Morgan who is a dear friend of ours has been with the group for a couple of years now, has had Lupus since she was 13 yrs. old. This girl has pretty much been through the rickets with this disease and offers such great advice because she has lived with it for so long. (she is 24 now)  She has such a good sense of humor. She is just so lovable that its just hard not to instantly like her. She is currently taking the newest drug on the market called Benlista and has done really well with it. She goes once a month and gets her infusion. She is also flying to Chicago to speak in front of a large group of doctors who want to learn more about this drug. She is truly a advocate of lupus. And this girl of only 24 years of age has the maturity level of a 50 year old. (I choose fifty so to not incriminate myself)

We were driving to a meeting one month and my wife said "I don't know why were are going...I doubt anyone will show up". I know she didn't really mean what she had said but the fact that she did say it made me tell her....
"Honey...It doesn't matter how many people show up...if one person shows up and needs questions answered, or help of any kind, that's why we need to be there."

That night...was the first time Aaron walked in. She has been a believer ever since.
I love this group !!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I have a Perception

Its all about perception. People see you and the gather a perception about how you look, what your doing at the time, and in an instant they make judgement. I truly wish life wasn't like that...but that sad truth is...its true. I have been on both sides of this perception at my work.
I have made judgement on people and have been totally wrong but I based it on a quick glance at a certain moment in time. And I have also heard a few peoples perception of me. So over the years I have learned to get closer before making any type of judgement.

We have new owners at my work and for the first year I thought I was in like Flynn with them. But recently I  had a review. You know how those go right? You sit down with your boss and they tell you how great you are and then you don't get the raise you expected. Well...this one didn't quite go as planned. Our review system rates you on a scale of 0-20 with 20 being the best. There are like seven different categories. In the past my average score was like 16- 17. This average score was 8....yeah....8. I am not perfect but I do know for a fact that I am not an 8.

My boss and both owners were sitting there as my boss read me what he wrote for each category of the review. The owners would then speak even lower of me just to chime in and tell me that I SUCK.
I didn't do anything right. I felt like crying but then I remembered...there is no crying in manufacturing.
After this hell was over I had a chance to speak to my boss about all this.
This is what I said to him:
So...answer me I really this bad? Because if I should have fired me a long time ago.
His reply: are nowhere near that bad...I had you scored here (pointing to the above average category) but the owners wouldn't let me score you that high. We sent your review back and forth like four times, each time they wanted me to change things. My boss and I

It was then that I realised that the owners have a wrong perception of me and what I do.
I also realised that I have to change that perception. They suggested I start at 6 am vs. the 7 am starting time I had been on. And to make a long story short....that is the only thing that I changed in my routine and now all of a sudden I'm the best thing since sliced bread. (maybe not that good but you get the idea) I have heard compliments and the only thing I changed was my starting time. Weird.

But the perception to them is that I am changing to their style of management (which I am still trying to figure out) I call it... "seagull management"...the come in and shit all over the place then they leave. But whatever style it is....its all about perception.
Who knows what the future may bring....I could be fired tomorrow for all I know.
But this experience has taught me a valuable lesson.

Perception is everything.Even though it shouldnt be. Its there and you have to deal with it sometimes.

Oh and just to make the perception clear ...the cat is actually on the stairs but the picture is taken from the upstairs looking down. Pictures arent always worth a thousand words....sometimes they are just a lie. :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

The True Meaning of Bliss

         I have one more more year.... that's it. No the doc didn't tell me that...I did.
Kim and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary yesterday. 29 whole years of nothing but blissful marriage. Riiiiight !!  Okay maybe blissful is a bit overkill on describing the whole 29 years. But happy would definitely be an appropriate word. I do remember some bad times but to be honest... 99.9 percent of the time it has been good...very good....exceptionally good...borderline blissful :)
The .1 percent that was bad was her fault (I'm kidding of course....kind of) But those bad times did made us stronger and each and every time we got through them. That tells me that we both gave forgiveness to each other because we knew we were right for one another. Forgiveness is never easy....but our faith in God and commitment to each other did make it easier.
I know with out a shadow of a doubt, I would be a different man had she not taken the money I gave her for shoes and put a down payment on a wedding dress. (yes...that happened) Thank god she did...I was never one for commitment. But marriage has taught me so many things.

Marriage is fun...I just couldn't imaging doing fun things without her.

Marriage is costly...If you knew actually how many purses my wife would know what I was talking about...actually...I don't even know the number of purses she has. One for every shade of color that crayola has...and even ones that they are planning to come out with in the future.

Marriage keeps you humble...lets face it...Kim has a way of keeping me in check, Making sure my arrogant attitude doesn't get out of balance with whats right. Every time my dreaminess gets in the way of doing the right thing, Kim has a way of putting in perspective for me...and although its never easy to hear, I know she always right. (well...not always...but I do listen anyways) :)

Marriage is always evolving...I look back on our marriage and can see the transformations we have went through. And although I know we are not done evolving...I do know that I look forward to the future...because it will only get better.

Marriage is a Journey....I remember our minister told us that when we got married. He wasn't lying and truth be told...its the best journey I have ever been on. (Although the trip to Canada bear hunting in 1999 was pretty awesome) (Kidding again...kind of) But seriously...we have been through the phases of life and death together and I could not imagine going through this journey with anyone else.

She is my rock...I depend on her, cherish her, trust her, love her with all my heart. She is truly my angel and most of beautiful wife. My Kimmy.
(Hows that for some sucking up) (kidding ...kind of)

Oh and about the one year left statement...I have one more year to save enough money to do something really special on our 30th anniversary. I wouldn't say she expects me to do anything special....but she did say" better be planning something special for our 30th anniversary. "
See...told you she has a way of putting things in perspective for me. (I am kidding..she really didn't say that.) (not in so many words) (She just gave me "the look")

Love you Honey

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Knowing Your Limits

Hello world...I'm baaaaack !!!!

I took a well needed hiatus from blogging because it was summer and now that all my millions of fans have been beckoning me to write more...I thought I better respond. Oh..did I say millions? I meant to say a few say tomato...I say red yukky thing from the garden.

Speaking of gardens...mine turned out ok...not fantastic...but just ok. My dads garden and probably everybody elses too...has corn that is way over their head, but mine is even up to my neck yet. So either I bought the seeds for the little corn that you get in Chinese food or my soil just doesn't have the right amount of nutrients that it needs to flourish. I am going with the Chinese corn theory because I refuse to do the soil enrichment plan when I don't eat that much corn anyway.( I know my limits) The rest of the garden has produced at least some goodies like zucchini, cucumbers,and those red yukky things and even a few green peppers.

Another reason for my lack of blogging is: ever since I got my phone...I haven't gotten on my computer at all. It is so much easier to write on a computer than on a 4x2 inch phone. And the fact that I put "words with friends" in front of my blogging priorities might have played a part too. My wife and I started playing "Words with friends" and I haven't beat her yet. (emphasis on YET) She always beat me when it came to scrabble so I shouldn't be too surprised. I am a competitive person so the first time I lost to her, my first instinct was to say..."Oh yeah...well lets arm wrestle" but then I remembered that the last time I did that with her it wasn't that easy to beat her at that either. :) So being the good sport that I am ....I graciously asked her if she wanted to see who could stay quite the longest. (I was a shoe in for this one for sure) She denied my request and that was when I realised that she knew her limits too :) It feels good to be back.

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them
Albert Einstein

Peace my Friends

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I have taken a hiaties as you can see...but it seems like ever since I got my new I phone..I dont get on the computer much at all. But I also dont get on the internet on my phone...I guess there is just to many other fun things to do on my phone.
Oh yeah...did I tell you I got a new phone?  Its a 32 gig Iphone ...super fast...and super cool.
 I absolutely love it.
I am trying to think of what else is new in my life ...nope....not a whole lot. Oh...Taylor is coming home this week...Yippeeee...I am seriously excited to see her. She has been gone  since January and this is the longest she has ever been away from us. We do use skype and now we use facetime on our Iphones...but until they come up with a way to hug each other over the will never be the same as being there. So I am super stoked about just being able to give her a big hug.

Other things
Garden is coming along nicely
Work sucks
I still love my dogs
I still love my wife
Im feeling bad now that I just wrote "I love my dogs" before I wrote "I love my wife"
Was golfing in a charity benefit and this fox comes out of the woods and just stares at us.
I love watching the Humming birds at the feeder
Sold my motorcycle on craigslist in 3 days
I am happy that the lawn is turning brown so it wont grow as fast.
I blew today off from work and am really going to enjoy it.

The title of this blog is a shout out to my late mother....I remember she used to be on the phone talking when I was young and right near the end of the conversation she would say "and things so".
So now whenever i hear it I think of her. :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Stuff

I smashed my finger
Planted a garden
Seen some long lost cousins
watched my first soccer game
I shot a Snapper Turtle
I have a new grill

All that within a weeks time.....

I opened the tailgate to unload my new grill after we used it at Timbers walk....and since my trailer was still attached to my truck....the tailgate landed on my finger and the crank for the trailer. I haven't experienced that kind of pain since I broke my ankle in high school jumping off the bleachers trying to dunk a basketball. I may have deserved that one...but I didn't do anything to deserve a blue made me wonder what it would have felt like if the finger would have been cut off....I couldn't have hurt any worse. I was told that I will lose my fingernail...and I think they are gross. :(  I would have gave you a picture but I figured you may want to eat again in the future.)

Kim and I planted a garden this year....this is a first for us. There was a couple things I learned during this process. The first thing was that it is expensive to put in a garden...the second thing was that if I wasn't a "go big or go home" kind of wouldn't have been so expensive. I have no idea why I am like that. But it seems I just cant do anything the cheap way. I couldn't buy straw for mulch...I have to by regular stuff that is 100 times more expensive because it looks nicer. (like I have alot of people over that are going to view it...not) But in my does look nice. I cant wait to reap the harvest. :)

Went and saw my first soccer game ever.(I really need to get out more I know) My niece was playing in the district finals for her high school. And I could not have picked a better game to be my first one. The ended up winning in double overtime. The scored with 4 seconds left on the clock to put them in double OT. It was an incredible adrenaline rush. and from what I am told...the games are usually not that I am not sure if i want to see another one....quit while I'm ahead I think. But it gave me great joy to see the kids rejoice in their success.

I also went to an open house after the game. It was my cousins daughter and I just hardly ever see these her and her family for some reason. Now that I think about it...I don't see any of them because I don't ever go to any family reunions.(and one lives in California) I wish I had more opportunity to spend more time with them  because they are alot of fun. I could see myself having a really good time with them. They are just "Good people" if you know what I mean. One of them had 2 puggles so you know they are good people if they own a puggle. :)   (I couldn't resist putting in this pic)

And finally the grill....the grand master of grills...the kind of grill I have always wanted. The kind that cooks evenly and doesn't char food beyond recognition. wasn't in the budget but I ended up with one because we needed one for the Lupus walk to cook hotdogs...and mister "Go Big or go home" had to have one that was going to make people want to eat a hot dog off from this thing. The guy who cooked the hotdogs even wanted to buy one when the walk was over. and I must tell seems to cook everything really good. I cooked some bratwursts and it was the first time that I was able to take them off from the grill and not have to apologize for. It makes me look good :)

I didn't shoot him dead...I took a picture of him...he crawled up from the swamp into my neighbors yard so I couldn't resist taking a few pics.

So I have been a busy bee lately. I am looking forward to a great summer and a good harvest,


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh Sun Shiny Day

Sunshine, Good people, and a Great Charity....put those three things together and you will have a day like we had Sunday for Timber's Lupus Walk. It was a fantastic day. The music was just fabulous and there was a really great showing of people who came out to support the event. I don't have hard numbers yet but there were around 200 to 250 that came and went throughout the event. It was just a beautiful sight.
Of course I was as emotional as ever during the balloon launch when I was talking to Taylor on the  face time app on my brothers IPhone. That way she got to see it and be a part of it even though she couldn't be there in person. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful person and a beautiful cause. Did I tell you how beautiful it was? Yeah...thought so. Here are a few pics of the day that I stole from my facebook friends. I was to busy hugging people to take any pics.  :) by the way... I enjoyed that alot too.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The News

Well, today was a day that I would easily trade in for a new one. You know those days don't you? Like the day when you hear news that one of your coworkers that you have worked with for 16 years got hit by a van while he was on his motorcycle driving home from work. And if that wasn't bad enough...try having his son be the one to tell you this news....and to top it all off...have him tell you all this while he is at the scene of the accident while his dads body lays motionless in the middle of the road and the police wont let him near it because they are doing their investigation. UGHHHHH.

I would gladly trade this day in.

If you have ever had a loved one pass away tragically or unexpectedly....and you are told of the passing....I mean....there is just no other worst feeling in the world. None. You see...Its that first few seconds... I cant even begin to describe that feeling. Its beyond words. Because its like no other feeling you have ever felt. For me, having once felt that feeling....I now cry  every time when I see or hear others getting that kind of can be on TV even...and I still cry. It just breaks my heart and I immediately re-live it when I received the news of Timberly.
I know what my coworkers son is dealing with and I know what his wife is dealing with...and there is nothing anyone can do to take the pain away.


OK...I just needed to vent and scream a bit. Thanks for listening.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Smart Dog or Stupid Dog....You Decide.

I had a moment this week where I thought my were  the smartest dogs that ever lived. I guess I never noticed it before because I was so used to them doing really stupid things... like going nuts over a flashlights light beam with their eyes fixated on it....for hours. Or hiding under the bed with a non stop yipping bark when a visitor arrives....for hours too. That's just a few of the stupid things they do. But I found out that they only play stupid. Kim was deciding on what she wanted to do and said these words."Well...I think I will take the boys for a (spelling this word out) W-A-L-K". And that's when it hit me....My dogs are geniuses. They know the English language. They know it enough to where we are at the point of spelling the words out that we don't want them to recognize.  I even heard Kim spell out other T-R-E-A-T....F-O-O-D and immediately I had visions of  Letterman, Leno...Today and GMA appearances featuring our smart dogs on each show.  But I could not just assume that based on three words that my wife spelled out...I needed more proof. I decided to test this and give them more words to see if they actually knew what the meaning was. I started with the  word " biscuit" and I said "you want a biscuit?" Immediately the dogs sat up and both tails were wagging. So I waited a little while until the disappointment left their tails of not receiving a biscuit and I asked them again... but this time I spelled out the word.
"Do you want a B-I-S-C-U-I-T? " I waited for a response and got nothing. Confirmed?.... my dogs know the English language but just cant spell. Not so fast...If we were going on live TV...I needed more proof.
So I decided to take this one step further to see if they knew sentences. "Cmon boys..lets go outside"
immediately they ran towards the door. I thought to myself...maybe they really do know this language. But to be honest...I wasn't totally convinced just yet.
Rico has a bad knee but we still let him go outside if he wishes to. So off we go outside...Rico goes towards the front of the house and Romeo towards the back. I watched as Rico goes to his usual places to sniff around. And Romeo doesn't go far anyway so I don't usually have to watch him much. Rico then moves towards the end of the driveway where he likes to go across the road and into the neighbors yard (He loves to play with the neighbors dog) and I have had to physically go and get him from there many times which is always embarrassing when they are out raking or cooking out. Next thing I knew he was running (bum knee and all) up the hill in the neighbors yard. Ugh !! So I called for him ....RICO!!!! He stopped and looked back at me. Hmmm could it be? Quick ...say something to see if he understands English while you have his attention.  "Come here Rico !!" and What he did next...well.... That's when it was really confirmed for me...because he turned and took off even further up towards the neighbors house. Dang it...He doesn't know the English language at fact he is just as stupid as I thought he was....he is running on a knee cap that is out of socket and disobeyed a simple command from his master. I mean...does it get much stupider? I walked over to the edge of our yard and called him again "Rico...come here" this time with more anger in my voice ...but to know avail he gave me not even the slightest bit of attention. So I had to revert to my wife's tricks that I used to tease her about....I yelled...."Cmon Rico...Good boys get Treats"  And you would have thought that that he had just hit the doggy lotto ....he came running just as fast as he could on a three legged run.
Seems as though all of a sudden his knee now hurts again and if I hadnt still had the anger inside me I would have felt sorry for him. Meantime I was thinking to myself that.... here I thought we could have been famous for our smart dogs only to find out that they are just normal dogs.
 I was bummed and didnt want to believe it so I was recapping in my mind what had transpired....He didn't pick up on the basic sentences or commands but he would come whenever there is mention of any and all food. OMG... I get it now...he really is a genius. He will do anything you want for food....any food....all food....including fake food. I mean...they do whatever they need to do in order to get what they want... and they want genius is that? So I have a whole new outlook on my dogs now...Not only are they my BFFs... but as a man...I can understand that concept and I think we now can move forward to the next level of our dog/man relationship which is called..."If you run from me will never get a T-R-E-A-T again in your life"  :) 

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I have been doing well on my diet and work outs....but something that I have noticed since I have quit smoking is that I have really short fuse would not know it because I have kept it to myself and have not let it out...but I just really want to scream out loud sometimes at things. And I cannot put a finger on why. I really hate being frustrated like puts a huge kink in my neck. Its as if I turned fifty and lost all my MoJo or something. I used to be a "nothing bothers me" kind of guy and now it seems like even the littlest things get to me. I just cant seem to shake it. I feel full of hate ....but without the actual hating of someone....I just have the emotion inside me.  I know that probably makes no sense to anyone but its the best way I can describe it. that's how I have been feeling.

But what I have been doing since I last wrote is.....I finished the last book of "The Hunger Games" and Kim and I went and saw the movie....which we were both just a little disappointed with ...but only because the books were so good that the movie could just not do it justice.
Other than the excitement from reading books....not much else has been going on. Thus the lack of blogs lately. I keep praying for cool stuff to happen to me....but so far nothing much in that area.
So keep me in your prayers.....because as you can see...I need some Blog topics.  

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Major Change

        I almost feel like a virgin blogger today....its been so long that I have written anything...I seriously feel like I am writing for the first time. However...once you know why I haven' may just be proud of me.
I have been busy changing my life in some much needed ways since my last heart attack ack ack ack.  The Biggest being....
       Make sure your sitting down cause this may come as a big shocker to you....I have been working out....yes, like exercise. Like...everyday even. I have finally made that vital decision to change my lifestyle for good and I thought exercise should probably play a role in it. Now, I know what your thinking...."wow Ian....turning 50 really got to you didn't it?" and if you were thinking would be correct. Fifty...I am 50....that just don't seem possible because in my head I am only 28. Plus the fact that I had my second heart attack ack ack ack ack before I turned fifty also played a big role in it.  My "live and let die" mentality has faded away and now its more of a "Live as long as you can" mentality has taken over in my brain.
          So Kim and I wake up each morning at 5 o'clock and have a cup of java and head to the basement around 5:30am where we are putting to use the exercise equipment that we Kim bought back when she had good intentions of using it (but never did...just saying honey) We motivate each other to keep up the routine and we have been pretty faithful about sticking with it. I am really hoping that it just becomes a habit for me and if I don't do it, I will feel like crap and wont ever miss it again. We are doing a 30 minute workout with 10 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes on the Ab-do and mygym...and then 10 minutes on the treadmill. I am up to .75 miles in 10 minutes and my goal is to get to 1 mile.
         So that's my biggest change...however my second biggest change is what I am eating. These last two weeks I have done very well with taking out the white breads and red meats. Check this out....I even eat breakfast now....weird I know. I try and eat something healthy every 3 or 4 hours. And what's really cool is ...I feel really good about all these changes. It has taken over and now consumes me. I make healthy choices when I am out at a restaurant. I think healthy when we go grocery shopping.
        I weigh myself every now and then and I have not lost anything but I am not worried about that really..(Its only been 2 weeks anyway and i havent gained anything either so thats a bonus as well). And I know that if  I keep making better decisions and keep on our exercise routine...Things will fall into place. I am in it for the long haul...this is not just a short term kind of thing.  It just really feels good to be actually doing it rather than just thinking about it like I did for so many years. See....I told you that you would be proud of me.  :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm a Fung-guy

         There are certain things that one remembers about their childhood. Childhood friends, Christmas mornings,neighborhood baseball games, mushroom hunting. They are all part of most children's memories...yes...I said mushroom hunting. We went every spring as children in our household. Even before I knew that they were actually called morels. Early spring always brings out that feeling of  "I should be Mushroom hunting". Since the weather has been so nice already in March...I already have that same feeling. I am ready to grab my onion sack and head to the woods.
        I remember when I was 4... my dad took my self...and the reason why I remember it so well is because it was the first time he called me "chubs" (that I remembered anyway).  That's the nickname he called me. I am not sure why he called me chubs because I wasn't chubby at that age...I was only chubby until I was 2, but it didn't really matter to me what he called me....I was going mushroom hunting....that was the important part. He could of called me Fat son # 2  at that point. I was just excited to go shrooming with my Dad. We had packed a sack lunch and off we went....I was in the front seat of the 59 Chevy pickup with my cool was I?  I love memory's like this one because it is so vivid in my memory that I can even feel what the texture of the seats were like in the truck. I can remember alot about that day...but the only thing I cannot remember many shrooms we found. I guess that tells me that it wasn't that important enough to remember. The important thing was that we were doing it together, just like we always did with the family. Shrooming was and still is a very important part of the Ranshaw tradition. If you lived in the Ranshaw household, shrooming was in your blood. Its something that pulls at you when spring arrives. It forces you to remember the smells of woods, the dampness of soil, the umbrella plants that are always out and that one time that you found the motherload.
(I just got a call from my brother while I was writing this blog...he wanted to know if I wanted to go shroom hunting....and of course I said I was in.)
My Brother  Scott and my Dad are like shroom fanatics. They will take work off to go hunting if they know think its a good time for them.  There is bragging rights at stake who will find the first shroom or who will find the most shrooms for the year. Let alone just having them around to cook and eat...that's the real trophy. They never did last long in our house either. They were usually gone the same day or the next. If you have never tried a morel are missing out on a real treat. They have great flavor whether you fry them up in flour and butter, or you cut them up and mix them in your scrambled eggs in the morning....they are terrific either way. There are different colored mushrooms depending on what time of the season it is...blacks come out first and those are the ones that I think taste the best but are also the hardest to find because they blend in with the ground so well. But there are also the grays, whites and yellows. Yellows grow the biggest and the easiest to find.
So I am hoping to have a good shroom season this year, and take all the knowledge that I have learned from my family and try and find the motherload of morels. If I could just get the location from my Dad of that one spot that he always finds them....but that's like trying to get secrets from the KGB Russian Spies. It don't think he will ever part with that information.

 (UPDATE...we did not find any today...but it is only March 19th...if the weather stays like it has been...they will be popping up next week) Happy Shrooming !!  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just what the Doctor ordered.

Thane with his District trophy. Me and Tierra who won both district and regional tourneys.
              So its been a while since my last post and the reason is I have been really busy doing nothing. (this is the part where I rub it in a little bit but make it sound like I am not trying to) Doing nothing is hard work I will say. Its not easy trying to stay busy but not do anything in the process. My doctor told me to take it easy and don't over do yourself...and far be it for me to disobey my doctor. I tried that once and it didn't work out very well for me. So this time I am following his orders to a "T".
              My neice and nephew both play basketball for their high school. And it was perfect opportunity for me to come watch them play a few games and spend some time with my sister. So it started on Monday of last week. Boys played on Monday Wed, and Friday...and the girls played on Tuesday and Thursday. It was perfect plan....stay for Monday and Tuesdays game and go home on Wednesday. Oh no....I was so hooked on watching them play that I didn't leave until Friday.And am back this week for more. Each game they would advance to the next round of their districts and regional tournaments that they are playing in. Each game got tougher for them and each time they would win. It was totally cool. Both of them start each game and are hardly ever taken out of the games. That in itself makes it very cool to watch because they are always on the court. And to watch them handle themselves in a way that shows true sportsmanship was just priceless.
             For my nephew Thane, it will be his final season as he is a senior this year. But he does have soccer still to come this season before his playing days are over. And from what I hear...he is pretty darn good at that too. Cant wait to see a game.
           For my niece Tierra, she is only a sophomore this year, so she will still have 2 more years of varsity basketball and is also a fantastic soccer player.
          And for my nephew Trae...although he is in college and holds a job both here at home and at his was so nice being able to spend time with him as well. He is my godson and holds a special place in my heart. But all these kids are well behaved and show respect for their elders and are just all around good people to hang out with.
           So I have alot to look forward to. And I am so glad I had this chance to spend with them. They probably don't appreciate the time as much as I did. But its just nice spending time with your nieces and nephews once they get out of that awkward age of them thinking they know everything and you can actually hold a conversation with them without them rolling their eyes at you. Its just nice to hear that they have matured enough to have formed opinions for themselves and actually believe in it enough to let you know.
           I now see what I missed out on by working all the time....I really must do something about that. and this is only one of my sisters kids. I still have all my other siblings kids to catch up on. I obviously wont be able to go back to work for quite some time. But at least I know when I do go back...I be a prouder man.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lucky 50

Good bye my old friend. No longer will we have those days being spent together. Gone are the mornings we spent contemplating on what we would do together for the rest of the day. But I will always remember the many many times you were there for me....being my crutch...holding me up when I was down. The many times we went out drinking together and you were always there for me when I needed you. I know that I abused you in so many ways and you never seemed to were still there the next time I needed you ....without fail. But the time has come now that we must depart and go our separate ways. I will not forget all the good times we had together. The way we would think all of those great ideas together....Its hard to imagine doing it without you....But I must.
 I will miss you....and I am sure there will be times when I will think about you and wish you were here. I know we have said goodbye before and the two 10 month separations were much needed at those times.  But this time it has to be different. This time it has to be forever.

Okay, Now that I have said my goodbye to  cigarettes....its time to say hello to a new idea. Its healthy. Its also called taking life by the balls and owning it. That's my plan.
Sometimes I can be the stupidest person on the planet. (it hurts when you realize something like that) And I know my wife is going to read this and say..." Excuse me Ian...Ive known that for over 35 years."
Sometimes I just think that I am in control of my life that I actually forget that I am not the one who is in control at fact...I'm the one who is out of control and I take this blessed life that God has given me and I treat it as if its my truck (I don't take very good care of my truck either). God deserves better...and I deserve better. (my truck does too)
I went to work on Wednesday's my ritual (and here is also where the stupid portion comes in)
Get up and shower and have myself my first cup of coffee. With loads of creme in it....truck loads.(seriously...Its like drinking Milk)
I usually have a smoke before I leave (while I am enjoying my milk coffee)
After I finish my coffee...I leave for work and once I am on the road...I light another smoke because its a five minute drive to the gas station that I stop at every morning for my main cup of coffee with another truck load of creme in it.
Once I am back in my truck I am on my way to work and I have it timed so that I can smoke another 3 smokes. (In case you were wondering...Its a 20 minute drive)  I know that people who don't smoke probably don't understand this addiction and why people think they need to smoke 5 cigs before they start their day at work. But habits are so hard to break.

Anyway...I got to work and sat at my desk and all of a sudden...pain in the chest. A tightness that I have felt once before in my life. I knew what it was but I didn't want to admit what it was out loud.(enter in another dose of stupidity here) A couple of coworkers ask me if I was alright and I told them about the chest pains and ask them to find me some aspirin.(I was smart enough to do that)  But I was still determined to go to the morning meeting and perhaps the aspirin would help ease some of the pain and discomfort.(and then I do that....where does the stupidity end?) During the meeting I was holding my arm because it was having some pain shooting down them too. My co-worker who gave me the aspirin must have told my boss about the issues I was having and he immediately canceled the meeting and took me to the hospital.  It was no surprise that I had yet another heart attack. (at least it was no surprise to me)  I sort of knew I was on a downward spiral with my heart...I could feel it...I could sense it. But yet I did nothing about it. (Typical for me) For a smart guy....I can be really stupid. So now of course...I am struggling a bit with the whole non smoking thing. I have done it before and I was surprised at how easy it was...but this time I have a feeling it wont be so easy.

So basically...I have a lot of work to do. It involves eating better, quit smoking, exercise a whole lot more, and to not be a old bastard during the whole process.  and to be honest...I'm not that worried that I can do any of them. But that last one might be the hardest for me to accomplish. I will be fifty next Wednesday and that puts me in the "Old "category. But as I approach this birthday....I will also know that I am also in another category for a guy who has had two heart attacks before he was fifty...and that category would be called...the "Lucky" category. The good Lord must have something special planned for me if he wants me to stick around this bad.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A History Lesson for Life

Last weekend I watched a movie with my wife. It was a movie I had seen before and I had rated it up in my Top Ten favorites. Well... after watching it again I now rate it #1....I know...Im selling out on my old favorite "Armageddon". But it touched me this time more than it did before when I watched it. You may have seen it too..."Pay it Forward"  About a 7th grade history teacher who challenges his students to find something that will change the world...and then act on it. One of his students starts the idea of Paying it forward....meaning that you do something for three people (it has to be something that they cant do for themselves) and they in return do something for three other people and so on and so on. The actors are Kevin Spacey, Haley Joel Osment and one of my all time secret crushs...Helen Hunt. (dont tell Kim...its a secret ok) And no...that is not why its my new favorite...its the concept and the ending of the movie is why it my new favorite. And no I would will not tell you the ending just in case one of my readers havent seen the movie. (one of the six)  :) But if you havent seen it and your a dreamer like me...I would highly recommend it.

What if?....thats the question I keep asking myself. What if this concept actually took hold in this world?
Can you imagine the good that could come out of it. Every day we could hear about the good things people are doing for other people on the news. Read about the wonderful things that have happened to people in the newspaper and magazines. Our lives would be filled with wonderful news and feelings that would cultivate even  more love and generosity in everyone. Look, I know its a bit far fetched because lets face it...people arent always nice and dont always take the time to help people who are in need. I also know it was just a movie...but just...What IF? Sometimes its the small things that can make a huge difference in this great big world we live in.

So I guess now I must find three people to Pay it Forward.
Three people that I can help.
And Kim .....dont get any crazy ideas...sorry.....your still doing the laundry.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Living the Dream

We lost one of the great singers of my era with the death of Whitney Houston. At one time I thought she was the best ever and there would not be a a better singer ever to come around. (Ok ...I was in my own little world when I thought that) But needless to say...I was very sad to hear of her passing. Music is such a vital part of our society that its hard for me to think of a world without it.
 Micheal Jackson brought me so much love and joy through his music, and it still brings me joy even today. I don't worry about their private life with what type of trouble they have been in or any accusations that were brought against them or even if they did drugs or not. None of that matters to me....I don't judge them as a person at all. I only judge their music on whether or not it moved me. There have been quite a few musicians in my life that have touched me deeply with their music. These are my favorites no particular order...

BJ Thomas
Steven Curtis Chapman
James Taylor
Shaina Twain
Faith Hill
Christiana Aguilar
Whitney Huston
Maria Carey
Boys 2 Men
Kenny Rodgers
Linda Ronstadt
Michael Jackson

There are probably a few more that should be on that list but growing up in the 80s era wont let me remember. :)   But all those above have produced music that moved me in ways that the other musicians didn't. Aside from a few when I look at the list...I can definitely say that I am a official SAP. I am a sucker for the ballads and Love songs. I think that is because I am a I said before..Pisces are Dreamers and I am no exception. When I listen to a good ballad, I am taken away to a place that only it can take me to. I cant go there with just my imagination. (mainly because it wanders to much)
I will admit though...I always wanted to become one of those people on my list.  But reality sets in at some point in those of us who know they don't really have what it takes.  But it doesn't stop me from dreaming about it. And that's what those people brought to me. A dream that is close to my heart.
 A dream that puts me on that stage and touching people with my music.  A dream that lets me have that power in my voice to move people to tears.

Have you ever listened to Whitney Huston's "Star Spangled Banner" that she sang at the Superbowl?  It was such a moving experience for all who watched that day. I still get goosebumps when I watch was absolutely amazing. For that and her other great songs she sang....I will be forever thankful for her and the others on my lists.  Not just for being  Great Singers and musicians...but for the joy and dreams they bring me.

She not only touched me that day...she touched a country !! What a dream this one is !!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chef Clell

Every other weekend we bowl with our partners Mike and Suzie. We also have dinner with them afterwards. We used to go out to a local restaurant but this year we started to have dinner at their house after we bowled. I am not sure how it happened but the deal was that Suzies Mom would make dinner and it would be ready by the time we got to their house. (And she is a great cook by the way) My end of the deal was that I was to make dessert. And being the fine chef that I am (Chef Clell is what Kim calls me when I am cooking) I was all about that.

I started with apple pie and I did that for a couple weeks...Suzies dad loves apple pie...and I was all about pleasing his pallet. I wanted to change it up so I made a Chocolate tart with raspberries and almonds. The next week I made a Lemon meringue pie. And this week I am making chocolate and vanilla pudding. And I must say....the chocolate tart turned out very well...but the lemon pies crust that I made seemed a bit salty when tasted by itself. (Thanks for pointing that out in front of everyone Kim) But I couldn't disagree because I tasted it too. Come to find out...I added to many Graham cracker crumbs to the crust. (I didn't follow the directions well) (Its a man thing) But I learn from my mistakes.(usually)
I was more worried about the meringue turning out than I was the crust. Looks like every detail counts. (who knew)

I heard a good analogy about cooking the other day...I heard a chef are like a will get you to where you want to go but if you want to live a little...go off the map a little bit and do your own thing. Kim also heard this and she said..."See...that's what I do"....and being the sarcastic ass that I am... I said..."Yes honey...but you get lost and never make it to your destination" "You start out going to Maine and end up in California"
I could tell by the look on her face that if I wanted my next meal cooked by her ...I was going to have to wait a loooong time.  Good thing my wife has a sense of humor about her. :)

Sorry for the bad Photos...Kim still hasnt got me my dream camera yet
(hint hint)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Movie Night

I saw my first 3D movie last night. It was so very COOL. My wife doesn't get to wrapped up in movies but she absolutely loved the Underworld movies. So when she suggested we go see a movie and we saw that the newest Underworld movie was still was a no-brainer. (for me anyway...I try to keep momma happy) I saw that it was in 3D and I was a little apprehensive at first thinking..."do I really want to watch a movie with glasses on the whole time?" (after all...that's why I had Lasik surgery so I wouldn't have to wear glasses.) I am usually not a fan of "going to the movies". I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have went. I would much rather sit in the comfort of my own house and watch one. Whats a movie experience without having your dogs and cats and bird to bother you? (insert sarcastic smirk here)

The movie started and I was instantly amazed at how everything was in 3D ..even the previews. My eyes were in sensory overload mode. It reminded me of the first time that I looked into one of those 3D viewers as a kid. I didn't want to put it down and I remember feeling as if I was right there in the picture next to the Disney characters I was viewing.
 During the movie we even jumped a few times because your eyes are so impelled in watching the screen that when the sounds increase in volume it startles you out of your seat. (I think I even was startled so bad a couple times that I made "whoa" and "ahh" (I played it off like it was Kim but no one was buying it)
It was an action packed movie so there was plenty to keep my eyes busy. Not to mention that Kate Beckinsale kept my eyes busy as well. But I found the whole experience to be much more intense than watching it in 2D. I almost felt like a kid again.....that was until I tried to get up out of the seat and my body instantly reminded me that I wasnt a kid no more.
 I really cant wait to see another movie in 3D. Who knows..... maybe by then they will have come out with a 4D, 5D or even 6D movie.   (ahh be a kid again and dream)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Its Just a Name

        Today I had a something funny come to me via email. I had requested a new person be sent to the shop to start on 3rd shift. I received an email from one of persons from the staffing company (whom I adore every one of them there) anyway...they stated that they found a person for me and he will be starting tonight. (No that's not the funny part) The funny part was the name of the person who they were sending. Well the first name I was given was "Snow Storm" but then another emailed followed saying "oops I mis read the name...its really Storm Snow" (I know...not much worse than the first in terms of thinking funny things to say about it.)
       All I could think of was "Why in the heck did they name him Storm?" Out of all the cool names there are to choose from...they picked  Storm (which is a cool name too...unless your last name is Snow")
       I am really eager to meet this guy and see what kind of sense of humor he has....and no...I would never tease him about his name...I'm sure he has had plenty of that already. And as they say on all infomercials " but wait theres more"....I also found out that...get this...he went to White Cloud High School and lived in White Cloud Michigan. (oh the irony)
I just cant help but wonder...if the parents were being cruel or funny. I would like to think that they were being funny....but how cruel is it to be so funny ? If you look up funny names on the will see that Storm Snow is not as bad as some of those on the lists.

       I suppose all kids get made fun of at sometime in their lives about their name. You can make fun of just about any name if you want to be cruel...and most kids are cruel at some point during adolescence.
      I was called Ranshog when my name was Ranshaw....I was called Clellbert because my middle name is Clell. (Named after my grandfather Clell Ranshaw) I was even called Lyin Ian even though I never Lied...besides a few times that I was trying to protect the

     When naming our kids ...I know that I thought of how kids would make fun of the names we picked out. So I tried to rhyme them with other words and if I found one that I thought that kids may think was ruled out. (can you say "over protective father") But at least I had their best interest in mind. We named Taylor after my all time favorite musician James Taylor. I always had the hopes that she would learn to play guitar so I always left my guitar out and one day she picked it up and it was "game on"....she learned quite fast and still teaches me things to this day.
Timberly was named because all we had were boys names picked out....and Kim picked the name and ... after I said to myself.....Timber Timber bo bimber banana nana fo fimber fe fi fo fimber Timber. " I Love it " I said.

      Having children is a blessing that some people in life don't get to picking out a name should not only be a honor to do should be a honor for the child to have that name. So the least we can do as parents is to put some thought to it. I really hate to criticize...and far be it from me to criticize other people (I do not live in a glass house)...but if you really look up "funny names" you will see that there are some parents who really do need  some criticizing"

Saturday, January 21, 2012

In Search of a Hero

    Today, I thought I would write about my Dad.
I am surprised that I didn't think of this before, but It would not be right if I never wrote about the person who had such an impact on my life and has made me the good man that I am today. (And I am good...just saying) We all should have a hero in life...but finding one with all the qualities that you are looking for can be a never ending search these days. It didn't dawn on me who my hero was until I sat down and thought about those qualities I was looking for in my hero. My dad had all of them.

    My dad is a silent man who loves his kids. I cant tell you how much that means for me to say that I know how much my father loves me. Not everyone in life has that and I know that I was blessed when it comes to having a father who Loves. He not only loves me but also my five other siblings. That's a whole lot of needing and time spent out of your day tending to all the kids. (Sometimes you don't realize these things until you have a couple kids of your own and its only then you wonder how your parents did it...right?) Now try and think of it when your a single parent. My mom and dad were divorced when I was 12 yrs old so my dad took on full responsibilities of raising 6 children. Could you imagine? Six kids in all different stages of adolescence wanting and needing your time. And still find time for yourself?  I am nothing short of amazed when I think about what sacrifices my father took for us children. It would not have been the same had he not. My life may have turned out so much different had he not made those sacrifices. And to be honest...I am forever grateful because I love who I am and I know that without him ...I would more than likely not have those same loving qualities that he shared.

    He wasn't your typical dad who had to control what you you did it...or who you did it with. He used the "I will tell you the right way...but if you choose to do it the wrong're on your own." technique. You don't appreciate that method until you reflect back on it and understand that you did alot of stuff that most teenagers don't get to experience.So we had a lot of freedom growing up but we never abused that privilege. (very much)   He would always welcome us home after we would fail doing things "our way" vs. his. He would always have a look on his face of "I tried to tell you" but would never say anything of the sort...that's usually because we knew he was that point anyway. He was a "thinker" and still is to this day. He is retired now and lives a life of waking up wondering .... "what do I want to do today?" (we should get to be so lucky)  He finds the simplest things and makes projects out of them. His latest is making a honey extractor for his bees hives that he has. For the last few years he also has been filming a wood ducks and capturing the ducklings first plummet to with water. We can sit at the TV and watch it all take place. To me...I just think that is awesome. I'm not talking about watching the ducklings first jump...I'm talking about the fact that my dad finds joy in the simple things in life. His work that he puts in his garden every year also proves this. But one of the best qualities about my dad is his Humor. he has this dry, sarcastic humor that if you are not paying attention sometimes...then you will miss the funniest things.

    I am very fortunate to have so many of his qualities. I know my other siblings have them too. I am so thankful that he never preached to me about who I was supposed to be...he just showed me who I was supposed to be by setting the example. So that is why I choose my dad as my Hero. He has all the qualities that I want in a Hero.
Honesty,Humor, Integrity, Hard worker, Humbleness and Loving.

Can you tell I Love my Dad a lot?