Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Reality Of Getting OLD

Let’s face it….getting old sucks. It doesn’t suck to the point where you start hating life…it just sucks because so many things happen in your life that you never really thought about much.
I believe that life goes in stages…
Stage 1- (1-6 years old) You have your baby years where you get pampered because you there is no other way you can survive without it. You’re only  learning the very basics of life as you get pampered.…I know some who still get pampered and they are 50 but I’m talking about normal lives here.
Stage 2-(7-17 years old) Then you get in that annoying, awkward, clumsy, acne, puberty stage of life where you learn so many things about life but nothing to really prepare you for your later years. You are only living for the NOW. You haven’t gained any wisdom at this point yet.  Of course I know some 50 year olds that still don’t have wisdom but I’m still talking normal lives here.
Stage 3- (18-35 years old) this is the stage where you really think you have grabbed life by the balls and you’re running with it. Yes, you are still learning but really you are on top of the world at this point. You may have graduated college, got married, perhaps you had a couple kids and you are really starting to realize that Mom and Dad were right about a lot of things. And you start to think more like them.  And you start telling your children the same things they told you. “That will make you go cross-eyed” or “Don’t make me come in there”. But even at this point in your life you still haven’t been prepared for the later years in your life.
Stage 4- (36-49 years old) This is when you really think your hot shit….Your 40 now so you’re  considered in an old timer now….your  hair is gray or at least salt–n-pepper colored. You are in debt past your limit and you still have 20 years to pay on your two bedroom home. The kids are old enough that you don’t need a babysitter and you and your spouse start to spend more money on yourselves….oh wait….that was just a dream you had….actually you’re are spending all your money on the kids dancing lessons, gymnastics, hockey, piano lessons, or anything else they might want to do that you yourself never had the chance to do. Your grandpa or grandma may pass away during this stage of your life and you start thinking about life insurance. Your life starts to be a bit boring going to work every day but “you have to do what you have to do” (at least that what you tell yourself ) And you have been so busy living your life that you still haven’t learned a damn thing that will help you in your later years.
Final stage- (50-till your final breath)  Your now 50 something and you only have a few years left before retirement….but wait….you didn’t put away enough money in stages 3 & 4 so you wonder how you will ever retire. Deep down you know you won’t be able to afford it especially if you refinance your now 30 year home. This is the stage where you start blaming the government for everything…some justified…some not.  This is the stage in life when you really start to understand that perhaps you should have done things a bit differently.  It’s also the stage in life where you start to recognize that you may not even live long enough to retire.  You start to hear of some of your classmates and friends dying and you really wished you would have taken better care of yourself. In fact you start dreading the class reunion because you know you will see less and less people there each year. But it all comes together for you during this stage….you now have wisdom. Because you now know what you should have done in the past. Not only do you think of the past but you’re really looking closely at the future…..the near future. And perhaps you may wonder why no one prepared you for all this. But you also realize that you’re not alone…..everyone is like that….No one is prepared. Perhaps that’s the way it is supposed to be.  But the ironic thing and also the most important thing that you learn during this stage is the same thing that you have heard so many times before, and only NOW you get it ...…”Life Is Too Short”

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Da Boys All Dressed Up

Kim and her gals at work are doing a calander for their boss so everyone in the office had to take pics of their pets. Kim got the months of October (Ricco) , Feburary (Romeo) , and July, (Tanner)

The Boys all dressed up....they loved every minute of it......NOT
The things we make our pets do to be cute. : )

Monday, October 14, 2013

When I was a Kid...I Wanted To Be...

There were days when I was a kid, when I would dream about being a cowboy or an Indian. Not sure if I would have qualified as an Indian as I only have 1/16 Indian blood in me but nonetheless, I dreamed of being a full blooded …ride on a horse bareback and shoot my bow and arrows kind of Indian.   I also dreamed of being an astronaut and being in space…well at the time of my dreaminess, I wanted to go to the moon just like ones I saw on TV.  Now I still dream about it and think how cool it would be to just be up there drifting in orbit. Being weightless would be an awesome feeling, especially nowadays. J   I can’t help but think of the great reception I would have on my TV up in space as well. I could get all the channels up there vs. the 6 or 8 that I receive now.  That would be the real bonus. But the real reason I would really love to be in space is really for the view. To be able to see the earth form such a distance in all of its glory, would just be totally awesome. Having spent many a night up north just watching the stars and the moon, I just think it would be even more awesome looking back in the opposite direction.     I think that I would dedicate the rest of my life if NASA was looking for someone to just travel space and see what’s really out there.  Seriously…I would go in a heartbeat.

The wife and I went and saw the movie Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney last weekend.  The movie was in 3D and was awesome. I was fixed to the screen and could not take my eyes off from it. I thought they captured what it would be like in space very well. (At least what I thought it would be like in space)   I am not a huge Sandra Bullock fan but have watched probably all of her movies before.  However I thought she did a decent job in this movie… nothing stellar but just ok. The thing with Sandra Bullock is that every time I see her in a movie her characters are all the same….I mean…I feel like I’m always watching Sandra Bullock playing a runway model, or Sandra play an astronaut. It’s like she is limited on how much she can sell me that this is a new character. I don’t feel like that with other actors…just with her. But I still think she is easy on the eyes and has her moments that make you overlook the criticalness of all that. The special effects of the movie were out of this world. (Pun intended)  I really felt like I was in space.
So we are walking out of the Movie theater and I say to Kim “Man that was a Great Movie” She responds and says…”I thought it Sucked…but I wasn’t the boy who wanted to be an Astronaut when I grew up” I said to her…..No…It’s obvious you wanted to be a Dream killer when you grew up J
What did you want to be when you were a kid?