Sunday, January 30, 2011

E- Moments

We all have had those moments where we wish we could have a "do-over" and change the outcome of the moment. Ahh yes, you know what I mean.....that moment in time when you were the sole focus of everyones attention, your moment to shine, that critical moment when its your turn to show everyone what your made of....and you BLOW it. know what I mean...those Embarrassing moments stick with us our whole life. What we learn from them is why  its so important that we all have them? I think they are crucial to us becoming who we are. I don't know of anyone who has not had them and we all remember them vividly. I know I hate it when I get embarrassed, my face turns red and the warmness of my body turns to 110 degrees in a split second. I wanna just shrink to nothingness and disappear. Sometimes I can just black it out from my memory and just pretend it didn't happen. And some are just to damn funny to forget.  I have one of each I will share, One Funny and one not so funny.

E-Moment #1 (Not so funny)
Here's one where I literally just wanted to turn back time and have a do-over. I was asked to sing in a wedding for a couple that I went to school with. They asked if I would sing "We've Only Just Begun" by "The Carpenters". Of course I said yes...I was 19 years old and was this up and coming rock star (well in my mind I was) This was a popular couple and there would be lots of people from my High school there to hear me. Well, I was correct, lots of friends there and they had a great turn out for their wedding day. I get up to sing and the music plays...(so far so good)  I start singing on cue the 1st verse. (No Problems yet)
Just as I finish the chorus my mind immediately begins to think of the 2nd verse. Ahhhh...Shit !! What is it? What is it? I don't know....My mind went completely blank. All eyes were on me and awaiting the rest of the song and all I could give them was this dumb ass look that I am sure was on my face. So I just stood there while the music played... and stood there...and stood there. You get the picture? I was soo embarrassed I couldn't think and could have cried right there (If I was a crier...which I'm not...just saying). It seemed like a lifetime of waiting until the chorus came back around and I was able to join back in and start singing again.
I am embarrassed just now because I am re-living it in my brain. Ughhh But I will tell you one thing...It was the last time that I ever forgot words to a song during a performance. One other note ...they ended up getting a divorce so it was just a omen really.  :)

E-Moment #2 (Funny)
I was working 3rd shift and had to go in at 8:00pm. So I was unable to attend my daughters Christmas Concert this particular evening. I had just woke up and was sitting in the living room while Kim and the kids were getting ready for the concert. I get kisses as they walk out the door. I tell Taylor good luck and off they go. I close the door and walk back to my coffee where I had left it. I sit down in my comfy chair and was about to enjoy the peace and quiet  with just my coffee and me, when I looked over on the sofa and noticed Taylor's Oboe. "Oh my God...Taylor forgot her Oboe" !  I quickly grab it and rush out the door in my pajamas. "Oh they are going to Love me for this one" I said to myself. The car was backing out the driveway and was turning onto the road..."They are not going to see me"  I thought..."quick do something Ian"....I immediately yelled and began to run across the snow cover yard holding the Oboe above my head and shouting at the them to stop. I was almost to the car...the only thing that separated us was the ditch that I didn't really notice until I was lying face first in it. Yeah....I wasn't really looking at where I was running and landed face down in the ditch with my left arm still holding up the oboe.(I paid big bucks for that thing, I had to save it.:)  I still couldn't see if they had noticed me or not but the car wasn't moving forward so that was a good thing,  I look up at the vehicle (still holding the oboe up) and I see the window start to roll down. Its what my daughter said to me next that would become my most embarrassing moment.
Taylor sticks her head out the window and says "Its a Choir Concert Dad"

Although I think that is pretty funny too...I have yet to find the lesson I learned from it. : )
But I do believe things happen for a reason...maybe that happened just so we could all have a good laugh over it.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Mind Candy

This is a true story...well not all of it...okay not much of it anyway. Alright none of it is, except the simple fact that I don't have TV.

Kim speaks and says "We will no longer pay for TV. We do not need a TV in each room and besides we will save ourselves some money in the process. We are spending 70 dollars a month and to me that is just ridiculous, and for what? The basics channels and maybe a couple of our local channels? That's 840 dollars a year just to watch TV."  This was Kim's idea of a great way to cut costs. I wasn't sure what to say or how to respond to this ridiculous thought process. That would be like taking away the crack pipe from the addict. You seriously want to get rid of TV?  After all, I am pretty sure that I got my monies worth out of it. I could watch multiple shows at once by just a few clicks with the remote and seemed I didn't miss a beat and I still knew what was going on after each click. In fact I think I even got Great comfort in just clicking through the channels. Why is it for a man, theres something very satisfying when we are handling the remote and are able to turn through channels with a click of our finger...oh yeah...CONTROL !!  That's what it is!! But what will I do without it when the TV goes? Think fast ...I will tell Kim I am putting my foot down and will not allow it. Better yet...I will tell her that I will meet her half way and that I will  settle with just the basics of the basics of channels...the $19.99 a month value deal.
From out in the kitchen I hear..."I called them and service will stop at the end of this month" Huh? Did I just hear you right? She comes walking over to me and said "You don't care do you?...We talked about this last month too remember?" Of course I remember...(like I am to old to remember stuff such as a simple conversation we had a month ago) Geesh Kim....I don't care...I don't need TV to keep me entertained" I said with a uncertain authority in my voice. OMG..did I really just agree to that? Quick...Plan B....Oh that's right...I don't have a Plan B. Dang it. OK just wont be that bad. And besides...she wont be able to handle it either...Once she sees how boring it is without TV..she will be right back on the horn asking for a technician to come out and hook it back up again.. Just wait it out.
Note the date and time....Oct,28 2009 its 6:48pm

Today's date: Jan.27.2011 8:56pm
Boy how Time flies...Who knew she likes to read?  The Superbowl is coming in a couple of weeks and its times like these when I wanna just scream  I mean.. are you kidding me right now, What am I going to do????. Ok just Breath...again.  Lets think this through. What am I really missing? 
Aside from cool stuff like the Superbowl?...mmmm ....Everything !!!  What about American Idol? The new Dance shows? The cool reality shows, like Survivor,The Pickers, Pawn Shop..and all the other really  cool shows that I don't even know about because I haven't had TV? yeah...I'm not missing to much. And Its been this long and I have survived without it, I mean...who needs to stay current with the news...its all bad stuff anyway right? Who needs the history channel....I never liked History anyway. Who needs  to watch all those Food network cooking shows......We never have all the groceries in the house  to make that stuff anyway. And who needs ESPN to see my favorite teams highlights from the day before? Wait a minute....I kinda need that one...well I want it anyway,  But I guess I have survived on just reading about them and  watching video highlights on the Internet for the past year...whats another year without TV?
Hey I just thought of my angle I am going to use on my wife to get TV back.. Ok here is how it will go.
"Honey...I think I know why I had a heart attack (yeah hit her with the bomb right off the get go) its because of the stress I have had to deal with from not having TV. Its not funny Kim...quit laughing. I have anxiety from knowing that the Lions are playing  games on Sundays and I have not been able to watch them lose any of them". And when that doesn't work...I will just say "Honey,Look Damn it , I want my MTV"  (I know.....I'm singing that song now too)
I  know...I'm SO screwed.....I don't have a valid reason (other than I'm bored) to have TV back in the household. And to be honest, I just find other stuff to keep me whether its a book , the Internet, or cleaning (whoa...scratch that last one) I find things to occupy my time. Kim thinks we are doing this Great thing by not having TV because of all the wasted time that I sit in front of it. But in all doesn't matter...I will find things to waste my time with. Do I learn more when I read a book than if I watched a TV show or two? I think not. In fact I would bet that a person can learn more from watching TV for a year than they could from one year in college. I mean, I went to college and I cant remember anything that I learned....aside from drinking a bunch of whiskey and eating Taco Bell makes your next day very unpleasant. Yes...Most things we learn from experience.(wink)  So what have I learned from this experience? I have learned that Everyday Life just doesn't offer up enough mind candy to satisfy me.....unless I have TV.  :)
(with HBO and ESPN)    : )

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Ever Changing Pecking Order

                We all know how important pets are to the people who own them. In this Blog I wanted to introduce to you mine. Some are my best friends...and then theres the others who are not.  They all have ranking numbers as to where they are at on the list . Is it wrong that I have my pets ranked? I think we all have rankings not just with our pets but also with our friends and even family. (Dont confuse this list with the rank in which I  love them) This is just a list as to where they reside on my liking list and it could change daily. I love all my pets but I like them all differently.Same with my friends and family...I Love them all dearly...but I Like them all differently too.
                My daughters ask me this question once: "Dad, if we were all drowning and you could only save one of us, who would it be ?" Hmmm....I contemplated before I answered but I said. "Neither one of you,     "Daaaad", you  have to choose one or the other", my oldest daughter replied.
 I told her  "ok I will choose someone"..."I choose your mother".  You can only imagine the looks on their faces when that answer sunk in. There are reasons for why I said I would save their mother over one of them but again...we all have a ranking order whether we choose to recognize it or not. I remember asking that same question to my wife and I distinctly  remember her answer, she said "I am  not going to answer that stupid question".  (once again...Daddy looks like the bad guy because he answered truthfully and let his kids drown while Mom has chosen to take the fifth.) I may reconsider my answer I told them now.....But in all honesty, I think we should all know our pecking order. Even our pets should know theirs so here it is (My pecking order for them)

Rico (aka Geeko BoyRanked #1
He is a puggle (part pug, part Beagle)and he is mine. (I claim him but so does everybody else) He is the dumb one amongst the dogs but his handsome face makes up for his dumbness. (Most of it anyways.) He does do a few tricks  but they are usually not as well executed as the other dogs tricks. What he does do very good is snuggle.

He sleeps in between us at bedtime and although it can be a hindrance or distraction on certain nights
(If you know what I mean),
On the other nights its nice to feel his warmness next to my body. (Now...If I could just get him to scratch my back :)   He doesn't always curl up and spoon with me , sometimes he just sprawls out like its his own space and I can feel him start pushing me out of his area with his paws.
He loves to go on walks but eating is his specialty (no wonder were best buds). He can devour his food in 2.6 seconds (I like to think of that as a Guinness Book record for Dogs) He only barks when a car or truck drives by. Thank god we live in a quiet neighborhood. He can play until his fat little body cant take anymore....Ive only taken him to that limit once...usually I give up before he does.  All in all...he is faithfull dog (except when he doesn't come to me when I call him ...which is all the time ) Rico was actually my daughter Timberlys dog and we inherited him when she went off to college...I always teased her that she abandoned him and now he is my dog. (worked for my justification) Therefore he is mine....and thats why he is numboro uno. Mans best friend, and for some odd reason this dumb dog is just that.

Romeo (aka Boom Boom) Ranked #2
Romeo is the smart one and the cutest one....then why isn't he number 1 you ask? Well...the only reason he isn't is because I cant claim him as mine. He is my eldest daughters dog and she is the one who raised him and her and my wife taught him all his tricks that he does so well. He is a Pomeranian, which are usually smart dogs anyway and he has lived up to that name for sure. He is also number 2 because I get to pay his grooming bill every 2  months. Its either that or have to cut the poop off his butt when his hair gets to long.
Ewww, Hells to the NO. I'll pay, I'll pay. He gets treated like royalty around the house too. He gets picked,  up and put down from every piece of furniture in the house, including the bed when he needs to go potty at 3am. But his worst habit is barking when someone comes in the house. Yip Yip Yip Yip...The little bastard just wont shut up.
So yeah...he is a solid number 2 in my book.  And he should be thankful that I don't have another dog, because he could slip to a lower rank on the list.

                                                          THE OTHERS

Timothy (aka Tim Tims) Ranked #3
Now we are into the cats, and ranking up top is my very own Tim Tims. He is the only cat that I claim as mine....and there are days when I deny that I own any of them at all. Tim is a beautiful looking cat and is one of the most lovable ones we have. He never starts any trouble and just goes with the flow so to speak. I taught him when he was a kitten to lick my lips (with the aid of a strawberry shake) and he has been my favorite since that time forward, Now he is the only cat who will come up and lick you when he wants some lovins. I am teaching him to not lick as much because those cat tongues are hell on your face. He is such a lover boy that I have to turn him away sometimes because he will always wants to get in my  face for some lovins when I feel like being left alone.  But he always comes back another day for more.

Simon (aka Fat Cat or Timey) Ranked #4
Simon is the Fat Cat(not really but he looks the fattest because of his long fur)  He doesn't really have much of a personality. And I am not sure why, but maybe being called fat all the time has lowered his self esteem or something I don't know. But he doesn't do anything special  He is not a Lover cat but he does like to be brushed. He just sits there and looks handsome.
He is just a really cute looking fat cat. He acts fat too...he doesn't jump up to the counter to be fed like the others...we have to lift him up, and he doesn't run away from Geeko Boy. I think because he cant run very fast (which I can relate to).

Elijah (aka Berries, aka.. You Little Fucker) Ranked #5
So now we are into the mean cat. He will be really really nice to you while he is on you and your petting him. But I hope you don't have to get up for any reason because he doesn't like it  when you stop petting him and is not afraid to let you know it. He only bit me once....(yes he knows now that it wasn't a very smart move on his part)  but he has never done it again (smart Cat) He is a very handsome looking cat and is also the only cat that we didn't buy. (and worth every penny) He was found down the road and my youngest daughter and her Friend brought him home. How come cats are so darn cute as kittens...It was hard for me to resist back then. Now that I have had cats for a long time, I find it alot easier to just look the other way and walk on by. He is the youngest of the cats and as of late he has been really nice. So in the next few months if Simon doesn't pick up some form of personality and Berries keeps up his lovin ways...he could just move up on the Ranking order.

Noah (aka The Vocal One or Bird Killer) Ranked #6
 Noah is the oldest cat we have and is like the redheaded step child with freckles.(who was adopted)
He is the one to tell you with his "meow "sound that only he can make,that its time you get up and put some food in all of our dishes...NOW. Most cats take the hint that your sleeping when you give them the cold shoulder, But Noah? Nooooo, He wont stop until you either do it or scare him out of the room And by that time you are awake anyway and get up and do it .(I'm getting annoyed just thinking about it) . He does play the mother role to all the other cats, so I can only assume that amongst themselves, they have their own pecking order and since he is oldest...he is not only the speaker of the house, he is also personal trainer for all the cats needs. He has the golden eyes which I find a little creepy. But heres the real kicker...He is also the one who killed my daughters little bird so really he is lucky to be even in my house and not locked up in the Cat Jail somewhere in a cell with a Bruiser cat named Toby. I don't think that Bruiser would put up with his mouth.

Chico   (aka The Grandbirdy ) Not Ranked
 I almost daughter Taylors Bird..I wont put hims on the ranking pecking order because he doesn't belong to me. But we do watch him a couple weeks at a time.I like to think we have shared custody of him.It took me months to gain this birds trust and it finally paid off one night. And ever since then we have been good buddies. I am totally surprised and how close you have to watch him....if you don't....well lets just say I no longer have a Q button , Delete button and am also missing my F1, F3 and F12 buttons on my laptop. He can destroy just about anything he gets his beak on as fast as Rico can eat his food. My wife absolutely loves this bird , She calls it our "grand birdie" if that tells you anything.
Me? I call it "The Partridge in the Pear Tree."   :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


                      I remember playing at the neighbors house when I was a child. and after we would get done playing a baseball game or football game we would all run towards the faucet with the hose on it. I would have to wait in line to get a drink because I was not the fastest runner and most of the neighborhood players beat me there. (notice how I said neighborhood "Players" vs Boys?) Yeah ....even some of the girls beat me to the hose and there I stood waiting ever so patiently for this all important drink of water. I say it was a "important drink" because as I stood there waiting in line, I would have sold my soul to be the kid holding the hose next to my mouth. What I really wanted to do was knock them all out  so I could have some of that delictable, thirst quenching, wonderful water. But hell, I couldnt even out run them, what makes me think I could have beaten their asses?
                       Being thirsty is such a horrible feeling....its worse than being hungry I think. When your hungry it can become down right painful, Your stomach growls, you get a headache, your whole attitude can change from happy to angry that split second you notice your hungry. But when your thirsty....I mean really thirsty, Im talking downright "dying of thirst" thirsty....You feel so helpless and you would do anything for a drink of not just water at that moment, but when your that thirsty, you would drink just about anything as long as it is in a liquid form. In fact....You are probably getting thirsty reading this because you remember that feeling distinctly too and your brain is recalling that feeling. Its something you dont forget because it happens daily, just on a lower intensity.  You have heard the stories of people drinking their own urine to survive....I know...right. How thirsty do you think they were? They didnt do that shit just because they thought they needed a little more saline in their diet....they were down right thirsty. Im sorry, but for me...I think I would choose death over peeing in a cup and putting that cup to my mouth. I would eat bugs, chew on tree bark, or anything else where I might even have a half a chance of getting a drop of water out of it, before I would drink my own pee. I am not judging those who have done it to survive...but really I just dont think I could do it.
                                 Whats  really odd is that , I dont drink water. I would kill for it when I was a child...but I am just not a big fan as an adult. I know its good for you and I should drink like 8 cups a day and all that...but lets face it...water is bland and has no taste at all. Especially when there is so many better things to drink that does have a flavor. Plus, they all have water in it right? Coffee, Tea, Juice, Pop, all are made from 100 percent water and they taste ten times better that plain water.So no...I dont get how people can like water. In fact I hate water so much,that I think pee would probably taste better. And I think the reason most people drink water is because they have reached that point of thirstyness (a new Ianstein word) where they will drink anything in the liquid form...its either that or they dont have a cup to piss in.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brain Gone Wild

                     SO I had this weird thought, I thought to my self...Self...I wonder what it would be like to be homeless.I am not sure what prompted me to think that, but I did. And now I am stuck wondering that very thing. At first thought....I thought it wouldn't be to bad. I mean...what else would I have to worry about? The only stress I would have in my life is that of finding food or shelter. And how hard can that be right? I mean there are soup kitchens and shelters that would take me in...I could just mooch off that and live pretty comfortably.
                 Could I do that? I mean really do it? Its one thing to think about something like that but its another to actually think it through and say I think I could do that.  For some odd reason I think I could. For being the selfish man that I am, I would have no problem thinking only about myself (Oh yes...I should have mentioned that...I am a single man with no kids in this thought) So problem...Find me a cardboard box, make camp, and live stress free. The whole getting in dumpsters thing might be a bit of a stretch for me, and I do not like to get cold...cold?....Shoot, I didn't think about that one..I do live in Michigan and it gets pretty darn cold sometimes. When I had this thought originally, I pictured me in the summertime carelessly napping in a park somewhere listening to the sound of kids playing in the background. I didn't think about the snow in the winter and freezing tempertures during the day when I am not in the taxpayer supplied shelter. I just thought of something else too....what if the soup kitchen only serves one meal a day...could I really live on one meal a day?  I Shudder !!! What would I be giving up? No more midnight snacks, no more getting a coke when I am thirsty, No more ice creme sandwiches, no more ordering Chinese take out when you don't feel like walking to the soup kitchen...No more sitting in my lounger chair playing on my laptop  OMG  NO LAPTOP???Happy thoughts Happy thoughts Happy thoughts....OK I am better now. Whew , maybe I should just thank God for the many blessings I do have and mark that thought as a "Brain Gone Wild "  moment.  :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Being Nice should be easy !!!

          I went to a funeral today. A co-workers mother had passed away from Cancer and I went to pay my respects. The coworker happens to work for me and I felt it was only right that I show up since I didn't make it to any of the showing times. I knew I couldn't say or do anything to make her hurt any less after losing her mother but at least me being there shows that I care. I have been there and back a couple times in the last year so I knew that the best thing I could do was just be there in person. It was evident that the deceased was well liked by many and it made me wonder if I was "Well Liked" or more importantly, if I will be "Well Liked" by many after I am gone.
            I know I was blown away when I lost my youngest daughter to Lupus and the amount of Love my family and I received from friends and Family was mind blowing. I was never used to accepting gifts from friends or family so it was a bit hard to swallow at the time. But their generosity blew me away.  And I vowed to be a better person after that whole ordeal.
          I have a new outlook on Life since my daughter died. Its a renewed vision of whats important and whats not. Obviously my family means the world to me,  always has and always will. When I say a new vision, I mean a new way I look into how I treat others. Love is what its all about, Not Getting the Love...Giving it.
           I am not sure why sometimes it feels like that is such a difficult task for me to accomplish. But it does. I feel like I am a mean sonofabitch sometimes. But in my heart I am not that mean. The things I say  or do to people are not always the reflection of whats in my heart. And for the life of me , I do not know why I cant just say or do whats in my heart. Its just one of those things you have to constantly work on I suppose. It just sucks that I have to work on being nice.....I mean Really? I hope I am wrong in the the way I view myself vs. the way others do. But the way I feel trumps what they think anyway so I suppose it really don't matter. I guess its just that when I die, I don't want people to think that I was a mean ole bastard and was mean to people all the time. And more importantly, I don't want my family to think that either. Isn't that what its all about.? Being nice to people, showing them Love and compassion and then you die. Then at your funeral....people can say that I was "Loved by Many".  Well I suppose there is a little more to LIFE than all that but being the simple man that I am...that's the way I simplify it all.     :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Things that make me go HA

So I have not blogged in a while...why you ask? Well.... its funny you ask. In my last blog I said that I would start working out "tomorrow"....that was a week ago and I still have not worked out, well not really worked out. My wife and I made a splurge purchase this weekend and bought a Xbox 360. We go into Best Buy store planning on buying a 60 dollar antenna for the TV set. We walked out with 939 dollars worth of gaming equipment. (although that is enough to make you sweat...its not the workout I had in mind) Everytime you make a high dollar purchase you should always have a justification for the purchase, right? We justified this purchase based on the fact that it has the Kinect software. Thats right, its the game that lets you move without holding anything. No more holding your wi while you play. (as opposed to wiwi) Now, there is no reason to not work out with this hi tech garb, right? Riiiiiiiight.  The games you play on here is better than least I am not sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing with my body. (Did you catch that justification?) At least I am moving and burning some calories. (Another justification) And they even have Biggest Loser workout. (Trifecta) No wonder we bought it...this thing will shape us up in no time. :) Did we forget anything.?  Oh yes...totally forgot about one thing. Motivation! You still have to get your butt up and play the games when you dont feel like it, Or when your tired and you just feel like laying down on the couch and watching a movie.  Yeah...totally forgot about that one. So along with this fantastic game and workout videos we purchased, we also bought the Gold Card upgrade which allows us to watch Netflix  movies, or ESPN sports games. It even gave me a free download (I know...Free?) well thats how they promoted it anyways. So now...not only can I play games instead of working out...I can now watch movies for free while I am not working out. We shall see how this goes in the next few days. HaHa

Monday, January 3, 2011

Exercising or Extra sizing?

So OK, my 1st day of my exercising did not go over very well. I mean it might of had I actually worked out even a little. So I am thinking that if only we could lose weight with good intentions, I might have a shot at this crap. What is it about working out that makes people do a about face and run for the hills? (Or just lay on the couch writing a blog in my case) I thinks its the pain...both the physical and mental pain we must endure to get the results we are looking for. And I am not sure whats worse...the physical or mental. Right now I am not liking the mental part as just the thought of working out makes me tired. :) But I know I am only prolonging the inevitable. I I WILL do it.....But I will start tomorrow. :)

On the bright spot of my 1st non workout day....I did eat a salad for dinner. OK ..I also had some cheese and crackers too....but I just had to have something with some substance. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Blah Blah Blah

Happy New Year, Its only fitting that my first blog is on New Years Day, This means that I am making changes in my life this year and I am starting with a Blog. So about me....well, I am a married man who has a lovely wife named Kim and two beautiful daughters named Taylor and Timberly. My family means everything to me. I know that sounds cliche but its really all I have...or wait let me rephrase that...its really what I choose to have. We are all given the ability to make choices of what we allow to enter our world (as we know it) and I like to keep my world simple. So thats why my family means everything to me. They are what keeps my world simple. I could really explain that in detail but why....this is all about me :)

I am looking forward to a wonderful first change I am going to attempt to do is to start that is going to suck really bad I just know it. But I have to do it so I dont explode. Had a heart attack last year in August and had a stent put in and have not had a cigarette since that date...yea me. But on the reverse side of that is that I have gained 30 pounds in the mean time, and it really, really really bothers me. I hate having a belly that sticks out far enough that I cant see my dick when I shower. :) I have been craving the cigs too the past weeks but I am hoping to get by that stage. Somehow I think that the urge to smoke will always be there for me. I smoked for 30 freaking years I suppose I should just be happy that the heart attack didnt kill me. But I am determined to do it this year. This is the year of change (Not to be confused with Barack Obamas kind of change) but seriously...I am expecting big things from me :)

I am going Bowling with some friends...I just Love Bowling...It seems like such a silly game when you think about it...but there is something about when you throw the perfect ball and all the pins just fall down in what seems like a effortless swoosh. Just kind of appeals to me.

Ok enough of my first Blog ...I dont want to over do myself on the first day : )
Happy New Year