Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The DJ Project

It been two weeks and still do not have a job. I was offered a position at GM as a supervisor but it is contract work. I would like to find something more permanent than that. I don't know...I mean I could take this position until something better comes along. But at this stage in the "Get a Job "game, I keep thinking about doing something different other than manufacturing. I have thought about the US postal service. Or maybe retail or something. I just have this dream of learning something new and loving it. I would really like to travel but I don't think Kim would be into that very much. I enjoy traveling so if that was part of my job, I think I would really dig that.

Starting my own business I think would be fun also. I have always wanted a restaurant, Bar and Grill type, where I could eat grilled steak and asparagus everyday. But that too comes with a lot of headaches. This is a time where I can start over and actually do something I enjoy doing. If I could only find a stick carving that would be cool. I could showcase my creativity and art skills. How come it seems like the cool jobs just don't pay that much? I wonder if Neilson pays anyone to watch TV...I think I could do that too. (I mean...they wouldn't know if I fell asleep or not...right?)

Sitting home these last two weeks makes me think I could also be an animal trainer. Lil Tanner now is going pee pee in the pee room so I must be doing something right. We are still working on the shoe eating and the jumping like a mad dog when I come into the room. Hopefully we can cure him of this before I find my dream ...I mean.. good job....I mean... any job. Wait....I think I may have thought of it...."Good Morning and Welcome to Walmart". I could do this...stand and just greet customers all day long and read their faces as they think to themselves "shut the hell up and leave me alone." How fun would that be? Hmm..maybe not. But I'm sure something will come along that will interest me.
I am keeping the faith that God has a plan for me and will provide me a suitable job. I have been praying for one of these:
Beer or wine taster
Ice Creme taster
Rock Star tutor
Theoretical physicist
Maybe a professional Dreamer...I would be so good at that too !!  :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Going In A Different Direction

"The owners are going in a different direct, and I'm afraid we are going to have to let you go."
That's how they said it.
Immediately I felt this burden lifted from my shoulders.
I also felt saddened because of the friendships that you acquire after almost 30 years on the job.
Its one thing getting paid to do a job but the special friendships that you gain far outweigh any amount of money you receive.
I had envisioned this moment in my head on how it would go and what I would say. and it was pretty much what I had envisioned. I just smiled and said OK, shook their hands  and said :sorry it didn't work out" and left to gather my things.
My job was becoming unbearable due to the new owners that we had. Bankers who pretend to know how to run a manufacturing business. I am always open to new ideas and processes that make sense and will help the company be more successful. But what I am not in favor of is treating people unfairly.They really don't care about that and it really was getting to me. If they like re in. But if they don't (which is where I was) they will make sure you are not there long. And I say this without a trace of hatred in my blood. Its just a fact... I have seen it first hand with how they treat and talk about some other people. Its just sad....sad that they cant deal with problems upfront and honestly which is my approach to things. (maybe to a fault)
So although I am unemployed as of this moment...I really have not been happier in a long time. No more stress, and I can now look for a new job that appreciates people. I have until the end of the year and whatever God has in store for me, I will wrap my arms around it and run with it.

When I look at all was really meant to be. Everyday I was praying about it and God answered it. He did what was best for ME. I leave knowing that I helped build this company to what it is today. I know I leave my own legacy there and I have to say, I'm proud of that.

Now, the whole job hunting thing is somewhat depressing but I do have some wonderful people also looking for me and I do have some opportunities that I may be able to benefit from. I would prefer not to travel 1 hr to go to work but if that's what it takes to finish out my career...than a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. !!

Any how, that's whats been going on in my life as of late.  I know not very exciting right?  But good times to come I'm sure.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Life In A Nutshell

          I remember playing hide and seek, kick the can and a bunch of other kid games at their house while they played cards with my mom and dad. They had a pool table (which was way cool back then) that we would watch them play on and we ourselves played on it when they were not watching. They always had good food to eat and would make sure that we never left hungry. (Shirley was a great cook)
I am writing about my Uncle Max and Aunt Shirley.

       This couple was a perfect match for each other, Shirley was the caregiver and ruler of the roost while Max was the provider and the jester of the house.(at least that's how I saw it) They owned a family Excavating business and now the kids are still running that business today.

        I could write tons of things about each one of them, however the main reason I chose to write about them is because of the strong family they have built.They are a perfect example of the way we should cultivate our children and leave them with our legacy. With Lots of Love and togetherness no matter what life throws at us.
       Aunt Shirley past away a couple years ago from cancer. Her children raise money each year for the Relay for Life events. Did I say "her children"? What I mean to say is ...her entire family...including nephews, nieces, grand children and even great grand children...every one seems to participate in some form or another. But the point is ...they do things together as a family. I love that !!!
      They hosted a bowling fundraiser last night and being the bowling freak that I am...I jumped at the chance to participate. And as you can imagine, the whole family was there. There were my cousins whom I only see (If I'm lucky) once or twice a year, and their kids and yes, even their children's kids, some of which I have never seen before. I was a little overwhelmed with the feeling of Love that was in the air this night. They were there not to just raise money for a great cause, but more so for the love they have for their family. All of which started with Uncle Max and Aunt Shirley. Its just a great example of what takes place when you start with Love and Laughter in your own home. Its contagious and spreads to your children and your children's children.
 Is their anything else that a couple can do to ensure that their children are equipped with the tools necessary to be successful in life? To me, if you can teach them to Love and Laugh, the rest of the things that happen in life will all be taken care of through those two things. And as we grow older we can see the evidence of that. Love conquers all !!!!

It was really great to spend some time with Uncle Max, and even though his health has caused him to lose some things such as his eyesight and memory....there was still evidence of the love and humor that I have always adored in him. And it started right off the bat.

Me: Hi Max
Max: Who are you?
Me: This is Ian
Max: Its been so long since Ive seen you....I cant see you.

Oh how I love this man !!!