Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Holidays And Underwear

It has been a busy last couple of months….and by busy, I mean I’m using that word for the reason I haven’t blogged in that amount of time.  But if I was to be honest with you (Which I’m not…I am still sticking to my busy story) I would tell you that the holidays were quite boring for me.  I sat around and ate like a cow, and watched TV like a regular couch potato…..I think at one point Kim flipped me over to look for couch sores. The way it worked out this year it was 1 day of work, 2 days off, 2 days of work and then the weekend…..and repeat. It seemed like my spot on the couch never had a chance to fluff up before I was back at on it again.
I have quit smoking again….I had really been thinking about it and finally decided to give it another go round.  There is just nothing good that comes from smoking. I was smoking more from habit than from actually wanting a cigarette.  The food has never tasted so good this time.  I am trying to watch what I put in my mouth….and I can already tell that it is going to be tough.  But I have been eating salads and munching on celery…..I always wondered how animals that graze can eat all day long….now I know.  My hardest part of the day is at night when I get home from work.  I find myself really craving food that I know I shouldn’t eat such as pasta, burgers, more pasta, and more burgers.  But for just watching what I have been eating for the last couple of weeks….I at least feel skinnier. I don’t look any skinnier but I just feel skinnier.  I do splurge and eat something  that is not so good for me every now and then…but I figure if I am still consuming less calories that I was before…sooner or later some pounds should come off.  Just the fact that I am thinking about what I am eating is a good start for me.
Now for the next step…exercising.  That word scares me more than the words “quit smoking” ever did. Not sure what I am afraid of….all I know is that I would like to try a gym membership this time.  I think I would go more than if I were to try it at home. I could go after work when no one would be there…at least not many anyways.  I can picture it….I just have to act on it now….so I’m not sure why I haven’t done it yet.  My goal was to focus on quitting smoking first and then start on the exercise thing.  So I think I am ready now.
Here’s something really stupid…. And totally not related to the above paragraphs……remember my post about me keeping a running count on how many times I have dropped my towel  in the shower(3) ? Well I have this other thing that I do that is just as stupid…actually this one may be stupider.  And I am not a superstitious guy….at least I never thought I was until I realized what I was actually.   
I’m not quite sure how to explain this but here goes…. I choose my underwear based on the color because the color determines how my day is going to go at work.  I KNOW RIGHT?  WTH? But every single day I choose my underwear based on the color and what that color may represent….(to me of course).  And it doesn’t stay the same either…..meaning if Blue meant that I would be seen as an intelligent boss one day…it may mean that I will do something wrong if I wear the blue the next day (Different pair of course).  Basically it’s just whatever pops in my head as to what the color may mean.  Yes…I know that’s probably borderline psychotic…but that’s what I do every …single…..day….I justify to myself why I choose a certain color.  I am not sure how long I have been doing this now but it is a least been 4 or 5 months….everyday….even when I don’t go to work I still think about it.
And just so you know….Gray is the worst and Green is the best. These are the only two colors that don’t ever change in the meaning….don’t ask me why because there is no logic to any of it.  I haven’t ever figured out if what I think really comes true….because I forget what color underwear I have on after a few minutes….and let’s face it…that would be just down right creepy if I was right.  (As if knowing this now wasn’t creepy enough for you)