Saturday, December 15, 2012

Here I Sit So Broken Hearted

        The incident that happened yesterday at the elementary school totally blew me away. My mind is still trying to fathom what was going through this kids head?  These poor innocent children and family's....My heart aches for them. Having lost a child, I can somewhat imagine the grief they are going through...but to lose a child because of some senseless act from a sick individual ? That...I cannot imagine. These peoples lives must be in ultimate disaster.

        If we only knew WHY. I know that question is going through every ones minds. But lets say we did know the answer...what good would become of it? No matter what reason he would give for doing this unspeakable act of terror, we would still think the same of him. There is no reason he could give us that we would accept. Obviously the kid was mentally sick...and even that is not a good reason for murder. Actually ...deep down...when we want to know why...we are really just wishing for something that isn't there. We only wish it never happened in the first place.

        Gun control? I am a gun owner...but I cant help but think if better gun control would help prevent some of these senseless acts. at first thought I say no...but what other choice do we have to at least try and prevent it? Guards at every school in America? pyhcological  testing for everyone to try and pin point those with a few loose marbles? There is no easy answer...but we must do something and gun control seems like the easiest choice.

        As my heart aches for these familys...I just wish there was something we could do for them or say to them that would ease some of their pain. But I know there isnt. Grieving is a process...I never really understood that statement but having gone through it...I know its true.
These familys must grieve their own way and in their own time. Everyone is different in each. I just hope they know that America is also grieving with them and praying for them. Our hearts will be heavy with this one for a long time.