Sunday, April 24, 2011

Take me out to the Ball Game

Its a Good thing that I am not a Baseball Fanatic. I would weigh 300 hundred pounds in a matter of a few games. It seems like every game I go to, I eat at least one thing from every food vendor that is there. Yesterday was no exception, I had a kielbasa dog, Italian Sausage, roasted almonds, pretzel/w/ cheese  and three beers. And I could have probably went for a few other things but I refrained from it for the sake of embarrassing myself totally. It just seems like everything tastes better and smells better at the ball game.

A good friend gave me four tickets to the Tigers vs White Sox game so my wife, daughter and one of her friends and myself went to see it. Cathy, my good friend who gave me the tickets, told me that they were great seats and we would enjoy it alot. And that was a hugh understatement. The seats were right behind the Tigers dugout and we could see the faces of the players as they went down into the dugout. My wife said we were so close that we could smell their B.O. ...Ok very funny,but a bit of an exaggeration besides....I really couldn't smell anything but food.  :)
But we were so close that I saw a pimple on Bat Boys forhead. Nuff said !!

The day started with a  trip to the Somerset Mall for some Lush products that my wife and daughter are obsessed with. Apparently me asking them to come with me to the game wasn't enough for them, I had to also buy them stuff too. We then went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant and headed to the game. Once we parked (which was included in the gift  package from Cathy ...Thanks  Cathy), all we had to do was walk across the street to the gate. I mean,  it was almost like valet parking only I didn't have to tip anyone, It was that close. And the ease we had getting in and out was amazing.  My Daughter got her picture taken with Paws, and I sat on top of the tigers dugout and got my picture taken after the game. I had planned on posting that picture but when I looked at at looked like I had either  already eaten one of everything on the menu or someone left a Buddah Statue sitting on top of the Tigers wont be seeing that picture anytime soon.  :)

I had a foul ball come within 10 feet from me and I now know why fan interference happens all the time. Its like you just wanna push everyone out of the way to get at the ball. If I had a go go gadget arm at the time it would have been perfect. But instead I just kinda of leaned into the person sitting next to me and he looked at me like..."Really dude? That ball was not even close to you " So I smiled and told him it was my first game and he understood and laughed.

 The girls were ready to leave at the end of the 7th inning but I made them stay until it was over. I wanted the whole expierence and I didnt care if the Tigers were winning 8-0 or not. I even had Miguel Cabrera throw a ball to the fan standing in front of me after the game as he was heading back into the dugout. . (And yes.... I thought about pushing him out of the way for  that one too . )  There was only one thing that I wished I could have witnessed...and that was a Home Run. They scored  9 runs but no home runs. Home Run or not, my expierence on a scale from one to ten......was an eleven.  This was a near perfect day...cold beer, being with people you love while watching Americas favorite pastime, Nope.... doesnt get much better than that. Well.... ok it would be better if I could eat and drink all that stuff and not look like a mini-Buddah. :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

The" P" Man

Ok...when I was young I was never pressured by my parents to brush my teeth let alone floss them. Dental hygiene were foreign words around my house. I do remember starting to go to the dentist when I was like 12 or something, but the importance put on our teeth just wasn't there overall. So its a little ironic that my wife is a dental hygienist. Now she is the one who drills me about proper dental hygiene and I am pretty sure that she has made up for all the lessons I missed as a kid.

We all know that hygienist always preach to us every time we get our teeth cleaned about flossing. "You really need to floss at least twice a day" they always say. And I usually respond..."I know... I know" as they look back at me with a  smirk and I can read what they are thinking. There thinking
 "OK butt head...cant say I didn't tell ya"
 Yeah, you know the look...cause they all do it. :)
But seriously, its THEE most important part of our hygiene advice we could follow. I think as parents we always tell our kids about how important it is to brush, brush, brush. And really we should be telling them that if they don't floss daily...they will look like a gummy bear when they get older.

I say all this because the other day I had my first cleaning (They called it a deep root scale and planing....I call it punishment for not flossing).... done at the periodontist (I shall call him "P" man) and I must tell you...I was petrified. If it wasn't for the awesome, amazing, magnificent  prescription drugs they gave me to make me forget everything...  I probably wouldn't go back...and I'm not sure why I say that...because I really don't remember anything aside from getting numbed up by the cute hygienist and the Doctor coming in to pull a tooth, But its funny because I don't remember him actually pulling it...hmmm  I am thinking the gap I have where my premolar used to evidence enough for me that he did . So now, I must go back every four months for these drugs...I get my teeth cleaned from him. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't tell you that the little blue pills they gave me were a great way to escape reality, and I couldn't help but wonder why I never heard of anyone selling them on the street before....I mean...can you imagine how handy drugs like that would be on holidays, or when the in-laws visit..... you could just say you had a Great time but actually not remember a minute of it.
And in case you were wondering  its not Viagra I am talking about. These little blue pills actually are meant to last for  more than four hours :)

Oh yeah..I just remembered one thing that the hygienist said to me...she said..."did anyone ever tell you that you have a small mouth?" I remember thinking really? Did you just tell me I have a little mouth...well sorry to inconvenience you but did anyone tell you that mouths come in all shapes and sizes? SO ok...That's what I though to myself...what I actually said to her was...ahh ahh ..I mean after all..I did have a bite block and some very sharp instruments in my mouth. And don't get me wrong...I am glad it was her rather than  "P" man" telling me I had a small mouth...I may have gotten a little suspicious at that point.

So overall my first experience with the "P" man  wasn't to awful. My teeth were a little sore that night but the next day they were fine. They are a little more sensitive to hot and cold I may have to start ordering my drinks with no ice...or start drinking warm coffee vs Hot coffee. These are small sacrifices really,  if I can keep my teeth for the long haul.However,  I always said that I have lived my life with no regrets...but that's a lie...I really wished I would have listened the first time the hygienists told me to floss more.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gods Plan

So I have been freaking out lately. I know what your thinking....."So what do that all the time." And I say to you..".Kiss it"  :)  But I was seriously freaking out about Timbers Lupus walk next Month. We hadn't found a caterer  and it just seems like we have been putting the planning portion of this event off until the last minute.(But really we have just been so darn busy...I swear) But me being the planner that I am...(.seriously I am) I need to know whats going to happen and when its going to happen and who's going to do it. I am talking right down to who's bringing the garbage bags for clean up? And your probably thinking I am a control freak....and you would be wrong (Kinda)...I just like to know the details...the ones that most people forget.
So as I was freaking out to Kim about all this while reading all the stipulations and regulations that it would require if we were to get our own temporary food permit. And of course my voice was becoming louder the longer I was talking. And by the time I was done ranting...Kim was totally ignoring me at this point. (Insert needle going across the record noise here) Because the communication was over. So we were both a little because I had no clue why I was yelling at Kim and Kim because I was yelling at her for no apparent reason. (Like that's never happened )

So next day....Our friend Margo who works in the Emergency room called us. She said she was in a room with a patient and she heard Timberlys name mentioned. She looked back at the patient and said "Timberly Ranshaw?" And the patient replied "yes" "She has been on my mind the last few days"
After the introductions and explanations, it was discovered that this women and her daughter knew Timberly. We did not know then at all. (And if you know would also know that she knows everybody.) However....the best part of this is that this person has a catering business and volunteered to to the cooking. Prayer answered !!

Now, of course I know how much God plays a part in our lives and I also know he puts people in the right places at just the perfect time, but its still so amazing to witness his perfection. I also cant help but take pleasure in knowing that Timber played a important role in Gods plan. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Wish Bucket

We all have things that we want to do before we die....I just happen to have a few too. But remember... its a wish/goal list......not a must do list. If it was a Must -do would be a very short list because I hate having stuff that I HAVE to do, but give me a choice on what to do....look out, the list could go on a long time. :)

1. Go to a Superbowl  (This was on Timbers Bucket list and I always thought that I could do that for her one day.)
2. Own a Boat...(one without oars)
3. Go Elk Hunting
4. Record a duet with Taylor in a studio.
5. Go on a one week ski trip
6. Retire (Yeah,,,this should be on my dream list)
7. Go on another cruise with my wife (Nope...doesnt matter where)
8. Give a large amount of money away to a person or a charity who really needs it and deserves it.
9. Run the Bobby Crim Race  (Finish the race)
10. Visit Alaska...for a long time period.
11. Take my dad on a Canada fly-in fishing trip.
12. See the Grand canyon
13. Go to a Pistons Game and sit Front row
14. Sit in the middle of 10 different puppies and have them all play on my and lick my
15. Own a African Grey Parrot

So thats my Top 15. If I can just pick 3 of them to accomplish...and mean this...I would pick these :

Number 9....because I already have it planned I wont count this as my Top 3 but the reason is  because its only me who I can blame if I fail. (But I wont...Fail I mean :) )

Number 4...Because I think we would sound good together.
Number 14...This would make me seriously Happy. :)
Number 11...I have only been on vacation once with my dad and it was when I was in the 7th grade. So this would also make me very happy to do this for him. I think he would like it.

OK so I just spotted one that I have to have on my top 3...sorry Taylor...But Number 8  is going to have to replace you. ..I know what you are saying...."Dad you dont have a Large amount of money to give anyone....and if you did...I am about to graduate college...who is more deserving than me?"  And all I can say to that is......your a solid  4  on my Top 3 List   :)

So there it is...a List of things I wish I can do. That was the easy part. Now ...where do I start?