Saturday, September 7, 2013

Learning from Dad

       Most people would love to live on or near water. It provides many activities for the summer months and even some in the winter. When the kids were younger we would go swimming and float on tubes….until they reached the age when the discovered that turtles also live in the lake, all of a sudden it wasn’t fun for them anymore. And then all of a sudden….it wasn’t fun for me anymore either. Not because of the turtles, but just because I didn’t have anyone to do it with. I don’t think I have swum in the lake in 12 years or so. However one of the other benefits of living on a lake is the fishing. But wait…. I haven’t done much of that either….what is wrong with me? I live on a lake….and hardly ever fish it?  That just doesn’t make any sense.
       I decided it was time to “just do it” so I asked my dad to see if he wanted to go. Fortunately he said yes. So one Saturday morning I gathered the gear and off we went. I love being out there in the morning when the fog is just lifting from the lake. We did not make it out in time to see the fog lift but we did get out there at a respectable 8:00am. It is not only the best time to fish, but it is also very beautiful. I caught the first fish but it was only a small sized bass. But it was still the first fish. (at least thats what I said to myself anyway) I am not  sure why I am so competitive when it comes to …well…anything, but I guess it just makes it more funner when your trying to accomplish something. Im sure my dad could care less who caught the first, biggest, smallest, smelliest, or even the most fish, he was just out there to enjoy the day.  
       He would try all the bait in his tackle box before he caught his first fish. I on the other hand caught 4 before he caught his first…I try not to get to fancy when Im fishing…I stick to rubber worms or real worms on a bobber. I have always liked fishing with a bobber because it uses the sense of sight. And to see your bobber go under water is just exhilarating sometimes, especially on a very still water like we were fishing on. Dad finally started catching some and then another, and another. Here is one of his that he caught.

Not super huge but still a nice fish.
I caught one nice fish.

               And a few really big monsters that got away…..riiiiight !!I really enjoyed our time fishing, I remember my dad took me fishing up at Evans Lake once and I remember having a blast. I don’t remember catching many fish but I remember that I really enjoyed spending time with him. And just like then….I really enjoyed our time spent fishing on this Saturday morning as well. Sometimes it isn’t about how many fish you catch, or who caught the first fish. Sometimes its just recognizing the quality time your spending with someone and learning to enjoy it for just that. Yeah....I learned that from my Dad.  
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