Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Web We Live In.

Its funny how as you get older you stop and wonder about the little things in life. These "little things" sometimes turn into really big things once you stop and think about them. Take for example a spider web.
Do you really know how a spider makes its web? To see a spider web is a "little thing" but understanding how it makes its web is when it turns into this really "big thing".
There are over 37,000 different species of spiders in the world. How many have you ever seen?

I took this picture on the side of the building where I work. If you think the photo is a little blurry, its because I was shaking ...I kept thinking he was going to jump on me.

I had often wondered why spiders exist? What is their purpose in the world?  I found that their main purpose on earth is kill insects. In fact they eat more insects than birds do. Their only other purpose is to amaze us with the web designs. I am fascinated with them but to really honest wth you....I am not a big fan of spiders themselves. They rank right behind snakes on my list of "Things that make me say ewe". But being that they make such cool houses for themselves I have to give them credit.
The intricate web they weave just fascinates me. and to think that it is made from their tiny little legs that have no fingers on the end of them...I started to look at how the web is actually made but did have some difficulty finding a good explanation of it all. Then I thought to myself...why do I want to know so bad? Cant I just be fascinated with it and leave it at that? The answer is yes...I have to decided to just call it  a very cool thing and move on. (See how I justified having to not look it up and then write about it?...Damn I'm good)

Another thing I found fascinating recently was the fact that Robins can fly in 10 days after being hatched. And I didn't even have to look this one up. I saw it/documented it all first hand...10 days is all...I mean just look at how frail they look after being hatched from the eggs. How can they grow that fast...amazing I say...just amazing. and even the nest is pretty damn amazing too. Who teaches them how to make these things? Maybe Im just getting older and am just now starting to stop and smell the roses? But nature is pretty darn cool if you ask me.

I posted this pic on Face book and everyone was like....awwe how cute. Are you Nuts?
This is not cute...Amazing maybe but not cute.
Ive seen homely babies before but these little guys take the prize.
This stage kept mumma busy all day bad they didnt make binkys for baby birds.
They look all dorky at this stage too...but kinda cute.

What was your mother feeding you...steroid worms? This is cute I think.

I am a empty Nester again.
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