Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pet Parade 2011

The Pet Parade has come and gone. And once again this year, we picked the coldest and the most windy day of the year. What luck we have had with the weather this year for our Lupus events. But...dont think that dampened the spirit of everyone who came...Oh no...that just dont happen at our events.
For those who dont know...My wife and I started a Pet Parade that we do each year to help support Lupus called Spooky Howls Pet Parade. It was named by a 19 year old girl who passed away just over a year ago from Lupus. She named it when she was in the hospital. We have it in her memory. Her name is Jenna Kammerer.
My wife thought of the idea and I must be honest...I thought it was a bad idea at first. But once I saw how many people showed up at the fist event...I had no choice but to admit that I was way wrong. It is now one of my favorite events. All the puppys I get to love on just puts a smaile on my face.
People bring their pets dressed in a costume and we have judges who judge them.
Here are a few of the pics that my sister Felice took of the event. Its not all of them but you get the idea  Enjoy....we sure did !!.

The 1st place winner
The 2nd place winner
The 3rd place winner
I Loved this lil guy
The Great Pumpkin
How cute
The Super Heroes
The robot...They Got the Most Original
Isnt she just so cute?
I just Love this Breed
He was keeping an eye on me...lol
Spider dog

Norton...adopted by our friend Morgan

One Cool Collie
Me and my personal favorite of the day. He loved me :)
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