Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Getting My MJ Back


  I finally got a job !!  I started January 14th. The whole job hunting thing was beginning to become a way of life for me. I would wake up in the morning and check the 50 or so mailing lists that I subscribed to and see if there was a perfect fit for me out there. So that took me until noon at least....depending on how many jobs I actually applied for. And then back at the next 50 or so emails around 2 pm seems as though the job hunter web sites like to send them out twice a day just in case you needed something to waste your time with....because it only took me a couple of days before I realized that they were all the same jobs that were in the previous emails. (see...I can learn)

       I stopped getting paid at the end of December and by then I was beginning to wonder if a job would ever come my way. Self doubt crept in and I even started to wonder if I was as good as I thought I was at what I do. And then it happened. I got a call from a company looking for a Supervisor for 3rd shift. (I never applied for this job...they saw my resume online) Of course I didn't sound to eager to just jump on this opportunity but I said I would go through the interview process. I had thought that I had done a very good job at the interviews and it made me feel really good that I had done so was a bit of self satisfaction and I think I realized that I  missed that satisfaction from doing a good job at something. And for job was what gave me that. (aside from doing laundry, dishes and cleaning at home...that always makes one feel good too...that's what Kim tells me anyway :) I had interviewed with four different people there and it was the first time I had had an interview like yeah....I was pleased. But I was even more pleased when after three days and they called and told me that I had got the job over the other six candidate's that had applied. (winning !!)

       I wasn't really thrilled about going to 3rd shift....but the pay was good enough that I couldn't really turn it down at this point. This place is called Meggitt and they had recently bought Thompson Aerospace and Defense, They primarily make Ball screws and Ball nuts for aircraft and the goverment but they also make some weapons components. This stuff if highly technical and its the stuff that I always wondered how they made it. I would tell you more about some of the other stuff but then I would have to kill you :)

 So far I am loving it . And the really good part of it is that they have already ask me to stay on the day shift. (Yahoo) I felt bad for the guy who was forced to go to the 3rd shift....but was very happy for myself, (winning again !!) It might take me awhile before I get used to the Union attitude that floats around there but I am hoping to change the culture a bit down the road.
I have been there 3 weeks now and have only had one person call their union representative over on me. But I was right so there was nothing they could do except get back to work. (that will teach him)
There is some really good workers there but just like all places of always have those guys who just want to bitch about something. Ugh...I just hate those types.

       Anyway....its a 55 minute drive....which I haven't got tired of gives me time in the morning to think... and gives me time to unwind on the way home. And it also gives me time to thank God that I am not still looking for a job. So yeah....I'm a WINNER and I now have my MOJO back !!


Monday, January 7, 2013

Discovery of a Badass


 Is it really 2013?  Its hard to believe that nearly 50 years of my life has gone by already.
What have I done in that 50 years? How have I changed ? Changed? Oh I have changed!!
Have you ever stared at yourself in the mirror for a long time?  I mean...until you start believing you are looking at someone else's face and body? I did that the other day and started noticing the changes that those 50 years have done to me. Immediately I saw gray...BAM...that kinda hits you hard...but also the crows feet that have developed at the sides of my eyes. And the the way my eyelids droop now....when did that start? The double chin (double used loosely...If I put my chin down it turns into a triple and I start to look like the Jabba the Hut) I also now have hairs growing on my ears that weren't there before. I also have the grey hairs in my eyebrows that used to be a beautiful bushy black.
But those changes only on my head.

       When I backed up from the mirror a bit...I was even more shocked when I noticed the age spots on my shoulders...I mean....what the hell are those and why do they show up now? Oh yeah...I guess that's why they call them age spots...because you get one for every year old you are. Cruel little things they are. And speaking of if having gray hair on your head wasn't enough proof that your also get gray chest hairs too...Holy I needed that reminder. As if the protruding belly wasn't enough to diminish ones hope of ever being a male model.(not that I wanted to be a male model...I'm just saying I couldn't be even if I did want to be one...we clear?)Anyway... I stared and stared until I noticed something even more alarming. This discovery was almost enough to make me want to re-think my News Years resolution.(just for the record...I didn't make one) I immediately called my wife to come in and verify..."Kim... come here quickly" She come running in as if I had fallen and couldn't get back up. "Where did my ass go? It was here last time I looked. Seriously...where did it go?  She looked at me as if I was old or something and said: "You seriously called me in here to look at your ass"? "No" I said..."I called you in here to tell me where it went because I want it wonder I am constantly pulling my pants up." And then she said it...those words that will stick with me the rest of my life... she said " That's what happens when you get old !!"
Really? So I'm not ever going to get my ass back? I never had to worry about my ass crack showing...but now I will have to worry about it the rest of my life. Ugh !!! I have dealt with many a disappointments in my life...but never one with such impact on me. I can handle the gray hairs and little extra belly fat and even the hairs that pop up where they don't belong....but No ASS??????

       I am just now starting to come to grips about my lack of ass. I am sure going to miss it. I have thought of different ways to get it back....Butt implants, Brazilian Butt Videos, I even thought about putting a picture of my ass on milk cartons and ask everyone if they have seen this ass. But I know those will not even work...I must realize that my body will never be the same again and just grow old most people do. (Right?)

       Now I understand why you start to think you are actually looking at someone different if you stare at yourself in the mirror for a long time....Hey maybe it really was and it wasn't really my body at all...maybe I should go look again..........Damn.