Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Walk of the Year

We did it Timberly...Woot Woot !!  The walk is over and I am relieved. Its like this big weight lifted of our shoulders whenever we finish it.This year there just seemed to be much more pressure put on Kim and I for some reason. I am not sure is we put it on ourselves or if it was real or not. It felt real. I felt it more than anyone. Everyone else was like big deal....I will worry about things the day of the walk and not a moment before...whereas I was like...OMG We haven't even planned for this and that...and probably causing all the stress for everyone else in the group. But oh well...Its just how I roll. I worry about the details. And having said that...I learned alot this year to apply to the next.
And I know that Kim , Taylor and I did our what more can you do?

Kim , Taylor and I

We had been watching the weather a week prior and new we had a pretty good chance of rain the day of Timbers Walk. But what we weren't planning on is the 48 degree temperature and the high winds to boot. So if you haven't figured it out yet...It was miserable outside on this day. Putting up the tents that morning in the rain and the wind was nothing but freezing wind and cold rain. We are so thankful to have such wonderful friends who came out to help setup everything. Otherwise...I'm not sure if we would have a walk if it weren't for them. We certainly could not do it alone that's for sure.
But we managed to get set up as people started arriving around 11:30am. We had a dilemma with the tents because the pavilion was set up for the music and one tent was set up away from the pavilion and of course... had I of listened to Kim who had suggested keeping all the tents together around the Pavilion....we could have had more people covered underneath the tents. here's what I learned..... At least entertain the idea when your wife suggest something.
Some of the Walkers


The Clowns didnt stay long because there wasnt many kids

Our Bracelets

Our Hoodies

So with it being so miserable outside alot of people did not come....but the true Kim and I call them...all came out and had a wonderful time. The true Blues are the people who Loved Timber Very much or really good friends of ours...or both. We are so Thankful for our friends....they know how to make a good time out of any situation. Mainly because they can laugh at anything. We absolutely Love our True Blues. Having said that...We actually had a pretty darn good turn out...with over 200 people showing up. Some just came and said Hi and Left, others came bought a tee shirt and Bracelet and Left. Either way we really appreciate the fact they came out on such a miserable day. And for our friends who came and walked...I hope that had a good time and at least enjoyed the Balloon launch. Which to me is my favorite part. And the best part was that it stopped raining and the wind stopped for the balloon launch.

Our Lupus Warriors
So this year we had gave away different colored beads for Lupus. White Beads for those who knew someone who has past away from Lupus. Blue if you know someone with Lupus. Orange if you HAVE Lupus. Right before the Balloon Launch I had ask everyone wearing the Orange beads to come down to the front. I introduce them to the Crowd as "Our Lupus Warriors"  and as I gave a short speech about the battle they fight everyday....the music kicked in and as I counted to three...We released the balloons.It was a beautiful sight to see.  All I saw were people crying and I had a some tears I was trying  holding back but couldn't do it fully.
An Emotional Moment
I went and gave a hug to all the Warriors. And they were all crying...every single one of them. To Me...That was Priceless....because I know how much that meant to them. It was not about being the center of was about being understood. And That ., exactly why we do the walk every year. If Nothing else went right that day...that alone made it a success.

After the Balloon launch, Kim and I were given a wonderful Honor. The Director of the Lupus Alliance bestowed upon us a Lifetime membership with the Alliance. They gave us a Plaque, a very cool sweater and a Hat. We were very honored and thought that was a very nice gesture on the part of Lupus Alliance.
We were honored

Hugs for everyone
The walk itself was just cold...Ok I must admit...I didn't walk because my feet were freezing by then...but I went the opposite way and met up with everyone and greeted them at the finish line. I think it is important to thank each and every one for walking. Next year I hope to have an actual finish line for them to cross...I think that would be cool. If we can just improve  a little something each year we should have a Wonderful event. I have always said this and I mean it whole heartily....Its not about the money we raise....Its about raising awareness so employers, friends and Family of someone with Lupus...Understands what Lupus does to a their body and why we call them Warriors.

Me and My Friends and new sponsors from Entech Staffing Solutions

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A couple random thoughts of an Ianstein : )

I thought I would put just a couple of my thoughts down because so much has happened in the last couple weeks,,,and as always...I have a opinion on them all. :)

So many of you might have saw clips of the Royal Spectacle Wedding. I for one just don't get why its such a big deal. The amount of money the world spends on this wedding, in both preparation and execution....they could cure World Hunger....or end homelessness in England,I don't know but I'm sure they could do something more worthwhile. I am not a frugal person by no means...nor am I against splurging every now and then.So when I see such a waste I cant help but throw up when I see it, because it just makes me sick. However, I would like to go on record as saying that the princess is a stone cold fox...I mean she is as beautiful as a rose.

So we killed Bin Laden. I am not happy about that. I would have much rather had seen him captured alive. And I am pretty sure that we could have done that had we wanted to. So why didn't we? Was it all for political reasons? Wouldn't it have been nice to have lined up all the people who were directly effected by 9-11 and let them walk by him one by one and give him a wedgie or something? (Yeah I know that he wouldn't be standing after the first person...but you know what I mean.) It just seems like he could have played a more strategic role for us if he was still alive and behind bars. Don't get me wrong...I am not losing any sleep over his death...nor am I sad that a very bad man is gone...I just cant bring myself to rejoice in the fact that we killed someone. It doesn't seem morally right....and like I said..I don't think it was the right move that we could have made. And... I personally don't think that this changes anything on the war on terror. There are plenty of bad men that Hate America and will gladly step up and kill every one of us.

So I am really busy getting Timbers Lupus Walk ready, So my next blog will be about the Lupus walk, and I will  hopefully have pictures to go along with it. I have this week off so I don't stress out about all the stuff that needs to happen and the little time I would have had to get it all done Woot Woot !!  I Love not working.  Until next time....

Peace Out!!