Friday, July 26, 2013

Left Field post.

This post comes from the place I like to call….”Left Field”  I live in a place called "Right Field" but occasionally I like to visit left field and if I can leave with my wits still intact...I will blog about it like this.
I do a really weird thing.....Ok I do many weird things but I am only going to share this one with you.
I keep a record of how many times I drop my towel in the shower.
I’s weird and it bothers me.  But surely there must be others out there in the world that secretly keeps track of stupid stuff like that right? I am really not even sure why I do this....perhaps because it doesn’t happen that often. Here’s my theory….It happened to me once, the towel dropped and I was like… ”Dang it...hey I think that is the first time that ever happened to me” And the more I thought about it the more I realized that it truly was the first time that I have ever done that.  And ever since that moment….I can’t reach for my towel without thinking about how it only happened to me once.  That was back when I was in my 30s. So I think I just put that memory in my head at that time and now it is stuck there forever. That’s my theory. Or it could just be that it is a small case of OCD or something of that nature.  But either way….it happens every time I reach for the towel.  I don’t count it if it falls outside the shower as I am picking it up…I only count it if it falls in the shower I’m standing in. So I really don’t know which is weirder…the fact that I count how many times I drop my towel in the shower or the fact that I actually have rules on HOW I count it.
It happened again the other day, and I seriously think my heart skipped a beat. So now the number is 2 now…..and counting.
It doesn’t bother me that I actually dropped the towel…in fact I wouldn’t care if I dropped the thing a hundred times….what bothers me is the fact that I think about not dropping it every time I grab the towel.  I take a shower daily with the exception of maybe a twice a year or something so it’s like a daily thought for me.  I open the door to the shower and immediately the thought of “Not Dropping the Towel” pops into my head. At that moment I say to myself….”Self….can’t you go one day without thinking about that?” And every day my mind answers back…”NO …and besides, it’s too late…you already thought about it.” It gets me every time.

This is why you never want to stay in Left Field for will suck you in and make you think you belong there.