Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Job...again.


A few weeks back I posted about the new job that I had...I appreciated the opportunity at the time but after a month and a half....I was so fed up with the crap that they wanted me to do that I had to quit. I knew I wasn't going to be happy there. And to me...that is so important to me and I wasn't about to settle for just "a job". I wanted to finish my career with the satisfaction of knowing that I loved what I do. After being let go from my job of almost 30 years...I swore to myself that I would find a job that not only challenges me, but also wasn't going to stress me out to my death. (I can find other things to do that) (fun things) (many of them)

I started my new job yesterday for a company called Parker Hannifin...they make compressed gas and air filters. The worst part about starting a new job is (besides actually having to get up and go to work) is learning everyones names. I met over 20 people today and I can only remember about 3 of their names. The only reason I remember their names is...during one of the introductions I remembered a Dr.Oz show I saw the other day that had a memory expert on it. He said to help remember peoples names, you should find a funny feature about them to help make you remember. The guy I met when I remembered this tactic was named Mike...he had an unusual head of a mop head...thus I named him Mop head Mike. Jackie had big jewelry....Jackie the Jewel. So I found that this technique works really well. I only wonder how they will remember my name?

The people that work here have a great sense of humor and I could not be happier with that. Working with people that love to laugh just makes the day go by so much faster and makes it so much more fun. I am super excited to start working with the crew I will be supervising. I had a meeting today to meet them all and formally get introduced to them. They each told me stuff about them like what their hobbies are. They ranged from Farmers wife to karate champion, guitar player to truck lover. A interesting group of people for sure.

 I am super stoked about this much different than the last one...I feel like I belong here. I know its early to think that but I didn't really feel like that before. So at least its a good sign anyways.

Wish me luck as I start my journey ...Hopefully my last.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Golfing on Ice

     I got a call from my wife....not the ordinary "Hey I had a few minutes between patients and thought I would waste a few minutes of your time" call.....this was a "Hey...Mike (her boss) wanted to know if you wanted to play golf this weekend" kinda call. I jumped a little quick when I said "sure...where we going...North Carolina? South Carolina?" She cut me off quickly and said...."Dont be ridiculus....its Golf on Ice at Lake Neppessing just a few miles away." I thought for a minute and said "You are calling me ridiculus and then you said we are playing golf on a frozen lake?" I am pretty sure that your statement sounds a bit more ridiculus than mine. She obviously didnt want to argue that point and said..."Do you wanna do it or not?" Being the ridiculus guy that I am ....of course I said yes.

     Glad I did....what a blast this was...the lake hosts this event every year to help fund the fireworks in July. They had 18 holes set up. They plowed the fairways and greens and painted the sides with colored spray paint. The course looked fun and I couldnt wait to start. They use a tennis ball and you can use either a golf club or a hockey stick. You can bring your drink of choice so I chose Beer.
We put all of our drinks and clubs/sticks in a sled and just toted it around from hole to hole. Thank God we had a caddy too who not only pulled the sled...but also kept score. We tended to lose track after the first few holes...not sure... but I think the drinks of choice had something to do with that.
But what a good time that was...I will do it again for sure.

You think the ball would go a long way when you hit it but...NO IT DOESNT!!

Kim....Our Beautiful Caddy....She even kept the Beer cold :)

Oh what fun !!!