Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Along For The Ride

  I had heard on my favorite past time...(TV in case you didnt know) that people who drive long distances to work  have a greater risk of High blood pressure. So of course I wondered why and of course they didnt elaborate so I didnt know the answer. It left me conjuring up reasons why that statement might be "with all the idiot drivers on the road Im sure its stressfull at times" or "I have to go pee and there isnt a rest stop for 42 miles", we all know thats stressfull too right?
 I mean there must be reasons why driving would cause high blood pressure. They wouldnt just say that if it wasnt true, because everything they say on TV is true right? Riiiiight !!

       I started out with my hour long commute to and from this new job of mine on Jan  14th. The first week or so was pretty great...I go North starting at 4:45 am while everyone else who has a long commute and is leaving at that dreadful time in the morning is going south....Piece of cake. Just the way it should be ...All alone and peaceful.

      That was... until I heard that statement on TV. Then I started to check on myself while I was driving. I asked myself...."Self" (cause thats what I call myself) ..."Are you feeling stressed?" And I answered myself with a very big "YES". "Just relax" I told self. I took a deep breath and I could feel that the stress I  really didnt think I was feeling, went away from my body. "Well that sucks " I said to myself. "Here I thought I was enjoying my drive each morning.... just me and my coffee." "Then I find out that Mr.Stress was in the backseat the whole time." and since then I found out that if you add snow on the roads ... Mr. Stress jumps in the front seat and wants to drive. The Nerve !!

       I found it very odd that I never knew it road with me....I could understand if there was alot of traffic while I was driving...but there really isnt. Its just the driving itself that causes it. Just concentrating on keeping it between the lines at 80 75 70 miles an hr. is stressfull. Who knew? Well apparently the smart people from TV land did. And I am glad they told me about it. Its bad enough living with the stresses of daily life and knowing about it then to find out that there are stresses in your life that you are unaware of.

       So now I have adjusted my peaceful commute from me and my coffee to me and my coffee with casual conversations with Mr. Stress. I told him if he ever want to ride in the front seat again...he will need to bring doughnuts. :) 

 Have a stress free day.