Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Say Hello to My Lil Friend

His name is Tanner.

It all started a few weeks ago when my wife started showing me pictures of dogs that needed homes from the shelter here in Lapeer. I was shown pictures of a few dogs for a couple weeks straight. Each time I had to remind her that we already had 2 dogs, 4 cats and a bird to take care of. She gave me the puppy eyes and then finally agreed with me and we got through each one of those" I think I want another dog" moments. Well...until the next week when she actually wanted to go to the shelter and donate some money to them. I agreed thinking that this might help her get over wanting another pooch. Oh how I was wrong....we ended up seeing this hound puppy that she loved at first sight (like all of them). We went home after donating money to the shelter and looked up what type of hound it was and found out that the dog would have been a bigger dog than what we she really was looking for. Whew.... that was a close one. She almost had me there.

The following week I noticed a difference in my wife's demeanor. She was acting sad and miserable and looked like she lost her best friend. (I am excluding myself in the best friend stature as I was there the whole time) But I just knew something was different with her.. What was the real giveaway was when she said to me "I just feel a void". Ummm a void?  Cant you just buy a kit kat bar?

The next week I saw this text that she had sent to my daughter that had a picture of this cutest puppy that I had she has ever seen and claimed that his named was Tanner and she was getting it. So basically when it came to my decision (which is final on these types of purchases) I now had to convince my wife and my daughter that we really didn't need the cutest little puppy ever in the whole wide world to live with us. Well....I obviously lost this argument and the next thing I knew we were picking him up on Sunday in Grand Rapids.
Now ...hind sight....I was soooooo played on this one. Its like she worked me until I finally caved in and said yes. And I am so happy she did. This lil guy has been such a good puppy and has brought such happiness to our already happy home.

New Puppy ...$50
Seeing my wife smile again....Priceless
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