Friday, June 28, 2013


I just feel like blabbering today so that's just what I am going to do....because I can.

Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is? Or do you even believe in living a purposeful life?
Like living a general life isn't pressure enough on ones soul. Or perhaps it would be too much pressure for you know what it is and maybe it would make your life full of stress and failure. However, don't you just want to know a little of what it is you are put here on earth for?

I will admit, I am a little curious. I am a firm believer that God put each and every one of us here with a purpose in mind. Whether it be to have children and raise them well, or save someone from a bad car accident or a plethora of other things that we could do that may have a purpose. We may not even know they are purposes at the time, we may just think that its just an event that happened in our lives. Sometimes the purpose may not even happen as an event in your life, but rather something that you said might have changed the course of someones life. And that someone could be a total stranger.

I remember back when I used to be a chatter, meaning I would go in the chat rooms and  chat with total strangers about funny stuff and life in general. Everyone left the room but me and Redwolf329. He was just talking and talking and talking and I wasn't really paying a whole lot of attention to the conversation but I did notice that it had turned from the weather to a very depressing life history about himself.  I generally started feeling bad for my fellow chatter and got more involved in the conversation.  I have know recollection as to what I said to this person but a few months later he messaged me and told me that I saved his life that night by what I had said to him. He had plans of killing himself right then and there. I told him that I was glad I was there and was glad that he decided not to do it. My point to this story is that sometimes you just never know who you can help even through the simplest things such as words on a computer. Was that my purpose? I doubt it but you never know and it sure is nice to know that I helped someone in need.

Am I naive enough to think that God would only give us one purpose? No...I'm sure there is more expected from me and this simple life that I live. However, I cant help but think that it sure would be nice if God was more of a "List" type of guy know...he makes me a list and I will check them off as I get them accomplished. Sort of like a bucket list but only its a list of what God wants instead of my wants. I guess we just keep trusting in him and let him guide the way like he has always done. And from what I have seen so far...he is way better than any GPS gadget that I own.
(I almost started preaching there for a moment)

If we  think of people as being the strings of a fine tapestry and God is the artist.That means we go over and under, change colors to what is needed at the time and may even get tied up sometimes, ....but no matter where we go and what we do...there is a purpose to it all. Its all in the Big Picture....we just cant see it....YET.

So that's my blabbering moment,

Peace my friends,


Monday, June 24, 2013

Zoo Keeper

Free at last....Free at Last....Thank you God...oh wait...never mind. For a moment I actually thought I was Free. You see Kim is on vacation this week in Texas so I am home again babysitting. When she first left I felt this feeling of freedom come over me. And then it hit me ...I wasn't free of anything, in fact, I am now loaded with things to do...and the majority of it is babysitting the animals. How hard is that you might ask? Well let me tell you.
First of all ...all of our animals have needs that must be met....and I am not kidding here.

Ricco- Needs to sit directly on you even though there is ample amount of space next to you for him to lay down. But oh no...on your lap and in your face....its what he needs.  Without it he will paw at you until you recognize him and if you wanna talk about puppy dog eyes...this dog can lay it on thick. And its not just one time....its every place I sit down...he could be sitting on the couch all by himself and I will go and sit in the chair...BAM...its like I am made of food or something, he comes running full stride.
He also needs to be lifted onto our bed. If you get in bed and try to reach your arm down to lift him will find out that you can only do that if you have a "go go gadget arm" or you are a power lifter from Switzerland named Sven. But its just another thing he needs.  (I just thought of something....I wonder if his jumping ability would increase if I had food in bed...hmmm food for thought (get it?) But I digress)
Romeo- He is not to bad really...besides that he needs to be lifted onto any piece of furniture we own. But he is only 15 pounds vs 40 pounds. Here's the thing with him. Ever since we got Tanner, he seems to thinks he owns the couch. Any time Tanner even walks near the couch the growling and barking begins. Its very annoying and I always have to yell at him to be quiet before the noise suppresses. He also cannot have treats unless it is a soft chewable kind. His teeth are not that strong so sometimes I have to chew his food up for him and then give it to him. (Just kidding...I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.) So if the boys gets a treat...I have to find a something special for him. Its just another requirement that he needs. Oh yeah...and he also requires something mixed in with his dry dog food. He seriously wont eat it if you don' about spoiled. The other boys will snarf it up even before the bowl hits the floor.

Tanner- What he needs your full and undivided attention. He's not one year old yet...but I think he skipped it and went right on into the terrible twos. This dog will get into anything and everything. I mean everything...mail, sticks he brings in from outside and chews up until there is one thousand little tooth picks on the floor, books, shoes, Dog food pantry, toilet paper rolls, sun glasses,....and if none of these things are available, he will choose a cat to pick on...doesn't matter which one...any one will do. You can almost read what hes thinking when hes walking around looking for something to play with. Its almost like he is smiling the whole time too.  And if I slip up and leave my coffee cup on the end table....or my water bottle near the edge of the counter top....BAM...hes got it and broke the cup or punctured holes in the water.You have to be on your game. Its a never endless chore babysitting him. But its just what he needs.

Chico Boots (aka Thing Wrecker)
And if you thought tanner was bad...whoa...You cannot let this bird out of your sight. This isn't the type of bird that you just place on a perch and he stays there and sings beautiful songs to you. No...This is a special needs bird that requires every second of your time unless he is in his cage. Its just easier if I tell you what he has wrecked. So here it is...the list "

1) 2 computer cords
2) 1 wooden paper towel rack
3) 24 foot of wooden counter top that goes around our basement stairs.
4) 4 books, two of which were borrowed
5) 100 pens (that's an estimated number...but its probably close)
6) 1 lid to the coffee pot
7) 1 Air cast boot (For Kim's foot)
8) 1 water pic hose
9) 8 keys on my laptop
10) 5 pairs of reading glasses
11) 3 finger nails
12) 1 toe nail
13) 1 Lamp shade

And I am sure I am forgetting a few items.
I have seen puppy's ruin this many things....but were talking about a 8 inch bird here.
Had I listed the things that he ALMOST would have required a whole page by itself.

Now look, I am not blaming the animals for their needs or ability to ruin things in the house. And I am not blaming Kim or myself either for not having eyes in the back of our heads.
I am purely stating the facts here of whats its like in a day at our Zoo. 
I can only tell you that I am much more appreciative of the 3 cats these days than I ever was before. In fact I hardly ever see them except for feeding time.

So you see ...I am not free .I'm in like a wardon watching the jail bird and his accomplices.
But I do hope my wife is enjoying her time away....seeing as she is the one who usually copes with all these critters....she obviously deserves this time away.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Say What?

Did you hear Miss Utah....I mean...On one hand, I feel so sorry for this women. I am not sure that I can compare anything I have ever done to the type of pressure that these women are put under. I can only think that on the outside she looks all beautiful and composed but on the inside there is this nightmare going on that we cannot see when its question time.  I get that there is a tremendous amount of pressure...but isn't that what you train for?...I mean, don't you get into this pageantry stuff knowing that if you make it all the way up to Miss Universe, that there will be pressure on you to answer with clarity any question that they might throw at you? But it seems like nowadays these women just try to answer like someone they are not. Just be yourselves that to hard to do?

This is something that I could never understand....we are in search for Miss Universe...and what are we really looking for? Are we looking for the biggest, fakest, Bullshitter with a great smile? They all use duct tape to get lift and who really knows how much botox is injected in them, and I would bet many of them all have had some type of implant. Its just so fake to me....just like the answers to all the questions....fake and rehearsed. Why cant we have a pageant where all that stuff is not allowed. You have to be all natural or you cannot be in. Make them give a speech on any topic of judges choice....but they have to write it as part of the competition. Timed...and read allowed. Then we could see how they really think on a subject.
I just don't see the point in the question part of the pageant. What does it show? I just think the pageant needs a makeover....a Big One!! (I'm stepping off my soap box now)

Miss Utah was given what I thought was a perfect question for a women to answer.

Here's the question:
A recent report shows that in 40 percent of American families with children, women are the primary earners yet they continue to earn less than men. What does this say about society?
Here's her answer:
I think we can relate this back to education … and how we are continuing to try to strive … to figure out how to create jobs right now. That is the biggest problem. I think especially the men are seen as the leaders of this and so we need to figure out how to create education better so that we can solve this problem.
Working women everywhere were stunned.  

It was worse when you watch her talk....kinda just makes you cringe a bit.

I think I know what she was trying to say, but it just did not come out right. At ALL

So as it turned out she freaked out on the inside and answered like a cave women trying to explain how to maneuver the space shuttle during entry to the earths atmosphere. So yes...she sounded silly. So do you think she knew she blew it? I am pretty sure she did, and that is why I feel so sorry for her.
I can only imagine what she was saying to herself on her way back to get in line after she answered. What a long walk that must have been for her.

In her defense....this chic is only 21....yes...21. To me all these girls look 30 or better. So when I look at them and their tall and wonderful bodies that they live in...I think that they should be more mature than that. But this girl hasn't even been out in the work force long enough to answer that question. So she screwed just sucks for her that it was on national TV. I am sure she was heart broke over the whole thing. I do hope she didn't lose sleep over it all because in the overall scheme of life's details.....this is pretty small to lose sleep over. Well, at least from my perspective anyway. I'm not the one chasing the crown.
She did get 3rd runner up....which is 4th place in case you didn't know pageant talk. I do wonder where she would have placed had she answered differently.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Big Pimpin (Reincarnation style)


I figured it out....I took me awhile but I did it.
I finally figured out exactly what I would be if reincarnation exsisted. There are just so many things to choose, but I really wanted something that where I knew I would be happy. I have decided to come back as one of my wifes dogs. I know what your probably thinking....your probably thinking that Im just trying to stay with her so I can hump her leg a few more years. Ummm no. I was actually thinking of something that lived a pampered know....big pimpin style. But before you judge my decision, let me first tell you what comes along with this pampered lifestyle and then tell me if you wouldnt want to come back as one of her pets too.

1) Fed two meals a day...not just ordinary dog food. I get the healthy stuff...the best that money can know the stuff with the crap in it that is supposed to make me live a long time.
2) Treats for anything I come back in the house after she lets me out...or even if I dont...I still get a treat when I do decide to come back from the neighbors house.

3) I can sleep on the most comfortable bed with everyone. I dont even
get push around in the fact...they move for me. Now that I think about it....I can sleep anywhere I want to actually, and I might even get a treat for doing it.

4) I get regular check ups form the Doc and if my hair grows to long....I will get to go see the groomer every three months so they can make me look like a Fox.
5) Regular excersize....I have to work off some of them treats that I get
for doing nothing but being cute.
But I also like to think of the walks we take as a chance to scope out where I will run off to next.

6) I get to snuggle with Kim during movie night...with a blanket....while being fed popcorn every 10 seconds.

7) My owners will never be gone longer than 10 hours a day ....ever. Yes...they miss us that much when they are gone...they live for us...we complete them.

8) I can go outside anytime I want to....all I have to do is just put a few more scratches in the door. And did I mention that I get a treat when I come back inside? Two if I look really cute.

9) I get more food every time the humans eat...they are always throwing me pieces of food....all I have to do is just sit there and look adorable.

10) But heres the kicker....we get our own poop room. I dont have to ever go outside and take a poop...I can  just go in the P room and have at it. Them poor dogs that have to wait until their owners get up...I feel so sad for them. Not me though...I can go to the P room any time day or night. That my friends... is doing it Big Pooping Pimpin style.
So there ya have it....Dont even think about coming back as the same thing as me...but if you want to come back as one of her get the same benefits except with no treats. Sorry Charlie !!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Web We Live In.

Its funny how as you get older you stop and wonder about the little things in life. These "little things" sometimes turn into really big things once you stop and think about them. Take for example a spider web.
Do you really know how a spider makes its web? To see a spider web is a "little thing" but understanding how it makes its web is when it turns into this really "big thing".
There are over 37,000 different species of spiders in the world. How many have you ever seen?

I took this picture on the side of the building where I work. If you think the photo is a little blurry, its because I was shaking ...I kept thinking he was going to jump on me.

I had often wondered why spiders exist? What is their purpose in the world?  I found that their main purpose on earth is kill insects. In fact they eat more insects than birds do. Their only other purpose is to amaze us with the web designs. I am fascinated with them but to really honest wth you....I am not a big fan of spiders themselves. They rank right behind snakes on my list of "Things that make me say ewe". But being that they make such cool houses for themselves I have to give them credit.
The intricate web they weave just fascinates me. and to think that it is made from their tiny little legs that have no fingers on the end of them...I started to look at how the web is actually made but did have some difficulty finding a good explanation of it all. Then I thought to myself...why do I want to know so bad? Cant I just be fascinated with it and leave it at that? The answer is yes...I have to decided to just call it  a very cool thing and move on. (See how I justified having to not look it up and then write about it?...Damn I'm good)

Another thing I found fascinating recently was the fact that Robins can fly in 10 days after being hatched. And I didn't even have to look this one up. I saw it/documented it all first hand...10 days is all...I mean just look at how frail they look after being hatched from the eggs. How can they grow that fast...amazing I say...just amazing. and even the nest is pretty damn amazing too. Who teaches them how to make these things? Maybe Im just getting older and am just now starting to stop and smell the roses? But nature is pretty darn cool if you ask me.

I posted this pic on Face book and everyone was like....awwe how cute. Are you Nuts?
This is not cute...Amazing maybe but not cute.
Ive seen homely babies before but these little guys take the prize.
This stage kept mumma busy all day bad they didnt make binkys for baby birds.
They look all dorky at this stage too...but kinda cute.

What was your mother feeding you...steroid worms? This is cute I think.

I am a empty Nester again.